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Everything posted by imported_dowmagik

  1. i down here and want to scoop up some uber fancy colors. who in the san diego area sells the goods?
  2. longboards are dope for cruising bike paths
  3. are you sure you werent watching stripes?
  4. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. thats a lot of god damn fireworks.
  5. you're so desperate for a dude that you'll fuck your cousin? pretty sad.
  6. happy bday. ...the mrs is still waiting for cookies
  7. fri: class/work/booze sat:study/work/study sun: study
  8. happy st paddys yall. get ya dick sucked.
  9. that besea is money, but by 'hard' i hope you mean that wwl is hard to look at.
  10. call me cold, but i laughed my ass off when i read that article.
  11. I'll tap four mana and summon a raging troll that's 2/2 with trample.
  12. milton, you wouldn't cheat on your girl to wax the niece of the world's most wanted terrorist?
  13. if you have a medical dope card in calif, you can legally sell to medical dispensaries. get rich or high trying.
  14. that pic does not do her justice, the woman is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. id blow up a couple buildings to hit it.
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