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  1. bored. please hate:D http://www.two-million.us/44.JPG'>
  2. i think i seen that on artcrimes, check there. www.graffiti.org
  3. taun taun, please make sure they still think that. its my only plane ticket home
  4. yo virus, please tell avelourd to stop telling everyone. THIS IS MY ONLY WAY BACK TO THE ISLANDS. virus please man. this is beyond eveything. I would kill to get back home.. even if it were myself :cool:
  5. i think its nakas. the n and the k have the same extension. and look at the n in "punk ass" :D not trying to correct you, just telling you what i see
  6. i have to say... quest is the biggest influence of my graff
  7. "im not rich, so no big ideas":lol:
  8. it's not the pens that make your stuff look good, it's how you use them. You dont have to use a pen the same way everyone else does ;] get creative, rip out the cotton inside and use that, etc.
  9. in my opinion the last one you posted was illest, kwaz
  10. does anyone have pics of FADE DE"K's stuff?
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