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  1. damn, quit used alot of paint for that piece near the bottom of the post before last
  2. bump that depths ttx, thats how all of them yellow bastards should be done up...
  3. i like blending, one of my favorates 'moogralt'. 3 parts beer Beer(malt liquor works best) 1 part steak 1 part corn and 1 part pigs blood mix it blend it until it turns into soup, and then sip it slow, its a family favorite...
  4. Thats a dope reys hopper. I wonder if theres a flick of the bink next to it. sEaToWn iN eFfEcT
  5. I just take my pet boa with me to rack cans when hes hungry. I feed them to him one by one. He can hold a good 15 to 20 cans, or about 12 cans of rusto hard hats. I highly recommend trying this. Just retrieve them from him over the next few days as they pass through his system. Crazy snakes I tell ya.
  6. OR, how about pray to buddah... can't that dude get some action?
  7. im thinkin of movin to houston, know of any good enighborhoods to buy a house...?
  8. another weak ass slugs train, that fool needs to change his name...
  9. both them slugs is weak learn to paint
  10. fuck u d.y.e u got people lookin 4 u its on homie no joke no respect gets no respect watch ur back big ups saro eager lipid hym2 tyerant marb naysr aba ect 3@
  12. Spokane... http://www.digitalpose.com/mbr/1/31617/p/558124_733423101359465262_v.jpg'>
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