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  1. haha is that girl wearing a helmet n i like that 2nd 2 last flick alot n th eothers were good 2 thanks 4 sharring
  2. hold up these arent actully worth collecting r they cause that hammerite shit sucks ass n theose other rusts r still around i got cases of em n use em on the reG
  3. EATADICK!!!

    Yard Safety

    yo some1 please help quick my friend is trapped in a boxcar as i type this on my iphone we were fuckin around n my friend went in a boxcard with the door open n was hittin the inside n i was fuckin around n thought itd b funny to shut the door on him but now we cant get it open wtf should i do i have another friend on the way now with a crobar its not locked or latched or anything but it wont move at all
  4. "the fucking subway fr8s" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  5. i wanna add on the subject of cell phones, as much a good idea it is to keep them at home its also just as good to have one with you, say a cheep prepaid WITH NO CAMERA PHONE, this way if u get chased n you cant get back to you or whoever you may be withs whip, you can call someone else for a ride so you dont have to wait hours for the cops to clear up and also if you didnt drive and you get split up and your hide for hours the dood your with might think you got caught and is on th way home while your hiding in the trees 10plus miles from where you reside. also this is another big 1 DO NOT SAVE PEOPLE UNDER WHAT THEY WRITE. ok you were smart you left your phone at home or did as i say and got a cheep bullshit phone with you, you went out, got up, n got out all save n sound, thats not to say there isn't a case being built against you, and you have no idea, then they get the serech/arrest warrent, whoknows maybe that dood you ran into in the yard a few weeks ago n swaped numbers with got poped n talked and gave out your info to save his ass, be very cautions of new people you meet, if you dont have any other friends that write then your doing things right, but anyway however this happens and you go to answer the door not knowing its 5-0 looking for you and im sure your going to have your phone on you, they take you to jail take your phone n boom, they got stopsignoners number so they call his phone company, get all his info, shit they got him too, and they might even be so kind to tell them they got him thru you and tell him he should testifi against you, or maybe treeoner n now they got him aswell, so dont save people under what they write and look what happened to genome, i have seen this "where you hide your supplys" thread and everyone just talks shit ahhh ur a bunch of toys hiding your shit from mommy and daddy, if this dood had his shit hidden, they might have had alot less evidence to hold against him, this is all just my 5cents be save, be smart, stay free every1, also on youtube theres some videos you should all checkout and i think they been posted on here before but heres a few you can serch for more yourselves, hopfully this helps some of you http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=HOW+to+not+get+busted&aq=f
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Bruce_1nR (View Original Post) Word up, this thread is the best I've read so far...good lookin. But what happens if you meet up with a lawyer and he wants to know what he expects to have to defend you from. If you tell him graffiti... Wait, can lawyers give information to the police, or are they on some shit like, "Dr/patent confidentally"? yes. they have to have a confidentiality agreement. otherwise they wouldnt be your lawyer. imagine all those murderers. their lawyers obviously have confidentiality otherwise they'd be running around saying. HE DID IT, HE DID IT
  7. i made 1 of these the back wheel always slipts off the rail tho, probly cause its bent as shit n i only really ride it when im wasted
  8. rusto rusto rusto n 2 that shithead who put rusto n krylon in the same category ur a dumb fuck thats like sayin montana n beltons the same shit n it aint
  9. is there trains u never seen run away train dam homie ur missin out n i seen buffed walls on google earth, careful wit them trains tho they specialize in transporting hazardous waste but yea they got alot of em passeger 2
  10. i put a bmx bike on the ground put a bunch of diff color cans all around it n then shot em wit a crossbow coolest paint job ever the fron wheel looks like candyland
  11. nice looks like a nice castin spot u got
  12. ill that dems reminds me of that part in the og willy wonka when they do that to the kid n then put him back 2gether smaller
  13. cool post thanks 4 sharring em
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