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  1. you do you i'm over here eating stem cells growin extra dicks and shit
  2. lolololoololok i always love it when a girl calls my package "ur shit" :scrambled: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Re: If black people were mexicans... i'm afraid of moving anywhere in the usa that doesn't have a bunch of mexicans/real mexi foods
  4. america has no mas jobs para us to steal les stay down here and get on this shoe grind
  5. Re: Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch Has Cancer, Tour And Album Postponed MCA was a really good dude he could've gotten rich and famous and just turned into a total waste and a scumcunt but he grew up and became a better person than any of us would if we suddenly got millions for being rowdy assholes
  6. dear oontzers i know locally irl, post moar. dear super awkward science defying sunburns, stop
  7. hockey is for white people there's a reason the puck is black your girlfriend = cops
  8. "you were supposed to fight for my hand...instead i almost had to fight a stupid crazy bitch for you"-gf yesterday
  9. my girl takes me to expensive ass seafood dinners she still all ufurious at the moment and i gotta stay at my bestfriend's house tonight nohomeowner
  10. Re: My girlfriend is being a fucking cunt i always tell my peoples to take the baby and flee to south america before they get hemmed up like that i even help 'em find good deals on airfare nurgas need a good friend like me
  12. my girl was telling me about the news story and she was like "it made one girl retarded" and i was like LOLOLOLOLOL howling with laughter and she's like "no. literally. and probably permanently" and i just laffed even harder there's a super legit all you can eat joint near by. this thread is telling me to hit it up tomorrow NOT A SINGLE FUCK WAS GIVEN
  13. i'm more afraid of eating fish from the pacific that's gonna burn me with radiation cancer diseases if i was that shook of salmonella i'd never eat out or cook chicken dishes when i'm drunk as fuck
  14. 18 boats ain't even that good of a raid might not have even been mdma anyways. those stupid college kid buttholes could've just been pressing mdvp, 4-mmc or whatever the fuck else i hope that chank gets rich off those feds though
  15. "my name's powder p, can i get an 8ball?" anybody remember that honkee? he dead.
  16. "i'm just trying to make sure my son's wealthy. i stay out of shape, but i make sure my gun's healthy" and etcetera
  18. "hey nigger, it's pizza time." -herman cain
  19. the only person who's ever got truly buck at me for saying nigga was a hispanic dude who didn't know what time it is. i was wild drunk. but it's cuz he had a black girlfriend and she was there he was my same height but 100lbs heavier. that wasn't very fun. but i didn't take the loss. in the rap dance world. all the rap dancing bboys tend to say nigga sooner or later. even if they're foreign motherfurgas who don't even speak english.
  20. i saw one on craigslist looking for gay dudes. tops and bottoms. to try an aids vaccine. i thought of this thread. but yeah i've always been more of a focus group and survey kind of guy. last summer i got paid to eat beef jerky, paid to eat pizza and some others.
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