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  1. today is the first time i've been around in ages. and the first time i've signed in in longer than that. and first post since shiieeet idk december?
  2. drake the type of nigga to get beat up for saying the n-word ^orig material. go blast it on twitter and reddit. i don't use them shits.
  3. Re: random thoughts i miss back when i talked about nachos non-stop
  4. needs more underage kids fist fighting and busted bitches showing butt not a graff vid at all, y0
  5. my new gf is 30 and be putting stuff kids find fun like illegal fireworks in my bag whenever i'm gonna be gone for a few days. she does so i don't feel so bummed out about going to do responsible/normal things like go to work or have dinner with my parents when they're in town or babysit my nephew or other boring ass shits.
  7. i spent a night in lock up at the beginning of the month and i'm sure yall know how that shit gets when you go in drunk and sober up and are stuck staring at blank walls maybe have withdrawals. thought about my life non-stop. my birthday was coming up (it was the 11th). thought about everything i should/could do. thought i'd start cutting back/weening off and finally blow everyone's mind and quit drinking on my birthday. after getting bailed out i told my three recovering friends and my recovering crush/shorty/partner-in-weird my plans/thoughts/feels. did 3 days sober, then had a 40 and a shot. then did two or three days again. then the birthdays came. my sister's on the 8th, bestfriend's on the 9th. sober the 10th. tanked on my bday the 11th. the 12th i went to my first meeting with shorty. sober sunday. freaked out monday cuz bad morning. went to the bar and got super trashed. shorty hit me up to hang out and then go to a last call meeting...she get pissed when i told her what had happened...but she was more mad i was being a longwinded bitch about everything and i came off stupid and shit got misread sober yesterday sober today. even tho i went into a bar. and had a long bus/train trips with many transfers where i could've gotten drinks. shorty isn't mad anymore and we hung out all night after my long ass transit. can't sleep for shit afterwards tho despite sleeping pills and kava tea but this movie "You Kill Me" is on about an alcoholic assassin who's crime family sends him outwest to dry out and they hire a guy to make sure he goes to AA meetings and his new legit job
  8. man this thread hella died. i know people use message boards less and less these days, but damn
  9. go to weird small shows and shit. meet weird babes. even if everyone at your work sucks...if it's 9-5 mon-fri you're fucking golden. i've never worked in an office full of old people but i usually don't make friends with coworkers anyways usually the only time jobs have fucked my fun/social life up were night jobs, jobs with no weekends ever off and fixing windshields 50-60 hours a week and also never having weekends off
  10. BORING AS FUCK jk i'm just a drunk i been a good dude all year
  11. dying. must spread mustard before lettuce nh
  12. summer 2011 i left my phone in the car of a girl who was on tour and she's mad internet famous and connected there was lots of wild shit on there including vids of me getting domed up and D'ing girls down and probably a fuck ton of embarassing or incriminating shit i get kinda paranoid/self conscious thinking about oh well lol life no cares :edit: before phone was i sent the dome video to the girl starring in it and she took a screen shot and edited so it was just her face and made that shit her profile pic n FB for a week. she was a really silly/hilarious/crazy bitch like that
  13. i did speed and killed a 5th of evan williams in like an hour everything was fine except speed is fucking stupid and i don't understand why people go all junkie over that shit i did some radical rap letters though
  14. my sister is a mom and drinks franzia pretty much 24/7 anytime she's not working when i found out that shit is only 15-17 bux here for 5 liters of wine...i started fucking with it the more of an alcoholic i become the less inclined i am to drink beer at night time. it's usually reserved for day/graffndrunking/being used as a chaser/etc
  15. a lot of them are drinking shit that's only 5.9% that's not even malt liquor
  16. i'm judging these dudes harshly as both an adult and an alcoholic
  17. my girl has been relapsing i don't think she's binging/drinking excessively and she started smoking weed again to deal with withdraws so i don't think it's a constant as for me tho. i've been up for like 48 hours because of withdraws and anxiety and not having unisom
  18. wait what happened to that white n-word swamp?
  19. one of these years i'm gonna be the guy from the tapatio bottle for halloween
  20. Re: D• I • Y [do it yourself thread] nah i think homie is hiphop the hiphop way is the wipe from side to side if you're feeling da vibe
  21. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................ can barely do alphabet and then walls and walls of buttanger text flow from the heavens ^sounds about right:D
  22. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................ am i the only one who notices that when he used to rap he was straight up white guy? but when he's talking art he may as well be in black face? maybe his white mom taught him rap dance, but his black dad taught him art fag?
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