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  1. in bra's, brah, thats why you can't see them
  2. that puffy tits chick does lactation porn now, her tits look like windsocks now would still smash
  3. STrange because he is RIP now. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/tributes-for-street-artist-electrocuted-while-train-surfing-20140628-zspnu.html
  4. cuntflaps


    Those Iversons' are terrible, look likes something old people would wear while doing chair aerobics.
  5. cuntflaps


    more hypebeats discs.. The missus randomly picked me up a pair of these, pretty happy with them,
  6. Sitting at some bar in Tulum, Mexico drinking a cerveca and eating chips with salsa
  7. listening to http://www.di.fm/breaks drinking a probably going to watch the Collingwood vs Cats game looking forward to mexico next week
  8. oh yeah getting on the carltons, im a harleton, sparken some shit for anotherhit i got man tits suk on them ofor a bittt gansta dao i spread my mayo chalk and cheese if you please my steeze is a disease, hel;in the needy
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