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  1. yeah congrats talking shit about good peoples who had just died is mad real son give yourself 50 rap letter arrows and +100000 troll points
  2. i'd be like 6th in line for that even tho that definitely sounds like somewhere you get shot in the parking lot of
  3. i was trying to think of something non-oontz related and was gonna say "Da Butt Function"
  4. wendy's old fries were the worst in the game maybe worst of all time in any frame
  5. random highschool sporting events would be a good one if you want to be a weirdo and don't look like a molester:lol:
  6. chipotle got their independence back many moons ago i'm pretty sure at least
  7. if such a thing were ever to happen i feel i'd be left with no choice but live a life of domestic terrorism
  8. when i'm winter painting and there's still leftover snow on the ground i love to take a break from painting and shit in that snow then cover said shit in the snow, with some more (clean) snow don't worry about it but yeah i don't like it, but i have to shit in public restrooms like every day
  9. at work the other day i drove a cop car minutes after doing tequila shots i give zero fucks about the DPD
  10. lolwut? 1. i never lived in the uk and i knew that 2. i deffo saw 16 year old titts of aspiring models on normal british TV back in the day
  11. apparently BK has a pulled pork sammich and sweet potato fries now any yall tried yet?
  12. not only is skyler a turrible scunt but she went from smash to trash pretty bad through the seasons
  13. pineapple + jalapeno on a good slice = strong topping combo
  14. Feed Yer Ego


    guess what daddy's bringing home for supper
  15. eminem looks like a fucking transexual if you listen to him you probably suck dick and look like dude in OP pic
  16. yes hit your kids for being gay they totally won't turn into serial killers or anything
  17. one time i was walking to the club just super faded. like sleep walking type drunk. all of a sudden 5 squad cars roll up on me and start yelling at me saying i was trying to break into a federal building. i'm like "nah there's no way" i think they said i tried to pry open a door and some other stuff i didn't have a license on me. just a paper from the dmv and a passport. they ran my shit and let me go. i have no idea
  18. cheese is for white people and white females
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