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  1. dude, no go ellen is hollywood's new stud you fuck her bitch she's gonna do stuff to your butt no matter what you try to resist she'll have security taze you and hold you down yeah maybe you get a giftbasket and big suite at disney hotel but no thanks
  2. you guys are worse than all ads and login issues wtf happened to this thread
  3. Your name suits you wonderfully and I imagine you having a constant glorious cologne of urine and cheez wiz.
  4. ordering a quesadilla anywhere = fail you're missing the point here the quesadilla is just a topping that salad is on some 4th dimension shit also, no srs-o i really hope yous guys posting pictures of quesodillas from resturaunts are joking no dildo doe
  5. 1. your english ain't too hot either, br0 2. your logic is even worse
  6. chicken quesadilla salad at chili's with a bowl of tortillia soup the salad has a quesadilla just chillin' it waiting for you, a lot of grilled chicken and then a bunch of leaves and stuff
  7. if you live in the midwest or eastcoast though then that's different or if you're in some tex-mex spot that's obviously geared towards white people
  8. "ordering sushi in Japanese seems like it'd be dope." uhhhh.LOL. i don't think you get to judge anyone for being corny anymore. also, idk about you, but some of the taco joints i go to are pretty much only frequented by mexicans 99% of the timeand nobody working ever really knows english. when a white person walks in they get awkward/don't know how to act and start trying to find a menu in english. so i don't see why i would try to make them speak english instead of letting 'em know i'm just some hungry drunk guy and it's all good.
  9. "My only fear of death is comin back, reincarnated"-tupac even if this weren't the corniest gayest rap faggotry ever... it's blatantly disrespecting his direct wishes.
  10. uh usually most of the line up sucks or is meh y u mad? tix and airfare to cali = not that fucking expensive if you really think it's "the greatest show" but yeah i do think the crowd is hella fagged out but you sound like you envy all those faggots bad look br0
  11. shit was incredibly lame and inappropriate especially since snoop dog is a giant faggot these days and has sucked all of the dick since 1997 + brochella is mostly just another bullshit festival full of nothing but dumb cunts and bro-tards
  12. what if dogs really like it and it decreases the chance of your dog eating your shoes or getting into other mischief? WHAT THEN, NURGA $5 a month ain't shit
  13. if there were a channel were shows like law & order svu were redone with nothing but dogs as actors...yeah i'd pay 5bux a month for that shit. fuck you.
  14. if they weren't charging extra for it and the programming actually sounded like legit shit that my dog would appreciate i'd be all about it but nah. this ain't that
  15. if i like jadakiss better than styles p does that mean i'm not white enough?
  16. i get these at dives and hurpstur bars, but i never see them at the LQ
  17. 1. 22 2. no, black people talk to their family about shit. unless they're homosexual.
  18. wut that shit was entertaining to me there'd be those weird hilarious rare gems like that gang on the indian reservation
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