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  1. $18 for a decent pack? of cigarettes? damn. i'd probably quit by that point also look like rent is pretty expensive everywhere thought it was super cheap at first until i realized every place was per week price
  2. WHAT and usd is only .06 higher than australian dollar and i'm smarter than like 75% of australians time to move australia then i guess
  3. i can't think of a lot of options for room and board unless you're an all around handy man and find a work for free rent/basic expenses deal on CL or you head to cali and work on a vineyard or if by the completely odd chance your record is totally clean and you're gay or seem gay as fuck and don't look/act/talk sketch in any way...you could be a nanny or oil rig
  4. LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOL bunch of busted ass bitches lamer dudes and 1 dog dog probably cool doe
  5. sketching only makes you better with pens and pencils coming up i rocked a dry erase board so that i'd never sketch anything i couldn't paint and so that i was always coming up with new ideas or doing ideas over and over and over again with a limited medium.
  6. i got baby germs...thought i was gonna be cool...i have an excellent immune system normally, but then i did grugz. lungs been fucked for a month. think it got to a walking pneumonia point
  7. there was a girl in my HS she wasn't redneck-y or trashy at all but she was a filipina with a thick ass alabama i was high as shit erryday in HS. so as you can imagine i was always buggin on that
  8. ice blue/grey undershave/bowlcut tpwf dome zone i usually wear the top combed or slicked back, but it needs to be trimmed/faded i get all of the laid by all of the babes in the streets i'm a legend in the hood i'm a rapist :edit: well, that picture didn't show up. so fuck you. my cat is famous and so are you :double edit: let's try this i'm a grown ass man not a little lesbian btw i caught your gay ass wondering you psychic faggot :triple edit: super og Alert made my hair it's own facebook page
  9. i'm back to "normal" drinking and no physical symptoms and no trips to oblivion the fact i can go from full on sickly alcoholic status to normal drinking to boozehound to sober and everything inbetween so easily and naturally makes it hard to think about quitting the cycle forever
  10. it's getting really bad. i'm sick a lot. people have to remind me to eat. etc. i don't know if i'm going to take any steps to try to change it though i've been seeing someone who's sober/been in recovery for a year it's pretty embarassing to be drunk around her or shaking from hangover/withdraw if she could be around more often i think it'd be easier and i'd take steps towards cleaning up. but she has a full plate. school, job as a mental health counselor, recovery, family, etc. so a lot of times it's like she's not in my life nobody really is a constant other than my "band"mate and i usually work from home so i can pretty much just be alone and drunk almost 24/7 yall nurgaz got advice?
  11. wait. anyone who's in denver...say so now then get irl drunk with me and username *protocol* (not today. even tho it's his bday) is saying it's someone's birthday dry snitching? my birthday was last week and i weeded, dog
  12. i chuckled also, colorado is weed as fuck i don't even weed and still find myself stoned like them white boys regularly played a show the other weekend and got so weed i couldn't talk and had to turn around so i couldn't see the crowd staring at me weed weedy bru
  13. yeah seriously except mine is better cuz it was a husband and wife and i actually fucked her also, fighting some random drunk at your 20th birthday party at your birthday isn't terrible adult behavior because 20 isn't even an adult. that's just a kid doing kid shit but yeah i recently found out they weren't officially divorced until like 2 weeks ago yeah still smashing (she does ballet and was on an olympic gymnast training team. the vagina is very excellent) anyhoot, i'm pretty sure i said this in another thread...nobody believed me, but it's real over the summer one day i was drinking tequila shooters at work and proceeded to drive a cop car and i don't even have a license. especially not a license to drive pig mobiles all buzzed.
  14. it's better to have yolo'd and lost, than to have never yolo'd at all
  15. we talking fine ass biracial girls? in my experience you sometimes get both kinds of crazy from them
  16. if you feel like you need advice, it's already too late save yourself the fuck ups and just peace advice i probably will never learn how to follow myself
  17. oh shit i knew i had a good story for this thread so the beginning of this year i'm at this party and this kid who i used to be friends with is there all bummed cuz his wife had just served him divorce papers that day he gets all super weird all night. at some point he's telling me i can never date her (he knew we liked eachother in HS and i'm handsome as fuck, so yeah) when we're leaving he tries to fight my bestfriend. then comes at me and gets lit up real bad. his (ex)wife texts me the next day asking what happened. saying she had to be rushed to the e.r. that he probably has brain damage. fast forward to the beginning of this month. i'm two weeks into a really rough break up. my friends are telling me about how they've seen dude showing off his new gun at parties and shit. hours later i fuck his ex-wife anyways. and haven't stopped since. i don't even give a fuck you fuck with my best friend i will bust your shit and fuck your wife. it would be really embarassing if i got shot over this though.
  18. something like this happened to me once he apologized he was a pussy ass snow bro
  19. i'm a faggot you sound like a real cracker though wanna kiss fight?
  20. this. also, i really hope so how tough could some racist canadians be anyways
  21. pretty sick of the tin foil hat shit i want answers too, but conspiracy theories are lame
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