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  1. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................ SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN this is gold and i don't know how to do new internets
  2. ha imagining already super buttangry infuriated scared neighbor having to literally pick up and carry said trashcan is lol also lol
  3. oh holy shit somehow i missed this LOL...next level upperdecking idea! pretty good...24'd i'm glad i didn't go absolute buck on that landlord cuz at least he was respectful enough to "return to sender" my w-2 from an old job
  4. one time tried to go to bed at an appropriate time and get 8 hours for work it wasn't working...so i ended up taking like 6 unisoms and a pint of vodka still woke up at 3 or 4am...way too early for my plans...and only like 3 hours of sleep on a work night anddddd somehow woke up with my tooth chipped
  5. when i was young i could never sleep now i'm pushing 30 and i just always crash at inappropriate times for a couple hours tonight i fell off like 9pm randomly and woke up like "fuck...please only be like 10:30" it was 1:30...slept through my phone ringing when my girl called. no sex for me and can't fall back asleep. fuck this
  6. sriracha is my go to all purpose hot sauce/general condiment i like valentina especially because it comes in a giant ass bottle and that's crucial when you're saucing everything every chipotle sauce will be disregarded for a habanero sauce...they taste almost the same but chipotles have no heat
  7. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA (R.I.P. Christopher Dormer) :lol: must spread rep
  8. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................ damnit fun over
  9. what about if you say "blah blah blah i have a girlfriend"or anything similar ever? maybe she'll move on for a second... but she'll be perched
  10. Re: Hennessy Youngman AKA aka Henrok Obama aka Henrokallah................................ so dao admits to resorting to using a weapon in a fight against an "art fag" and still not being able to K.O. the guy? *edit* lugr...re: post above ... 24'd theo... re: how could any man do the actual harlem shake & not look like a female tryin to shake titties in new directions ... 24'd
  11. wat? my ego? i dont get it either way i did the right thing and was a good dude for once for whatever reason who knows how long ill keep it up tho
  12. Re: anyone else getting fucked over by the sequestration? if you go out... pregame + drink in the alley bring very small amount of cash don't bring debit or cc
  13. i'm in a beats band-ish thing with an 18 yr old super producer kid. he's like my nephew type status. friday night we went out and his cute friend ended up liking me. i was all blackout drunk and accidentally headbutted her. she tried to buy me breakfast the next day anyways. i really love my girlfriend. but it's 5am and i'm on drugs and she just called and said she wants to see me right now
  14. popped a niacin...itchin...WOO! i'm watching shameless...being on stuff...wanting to kick my roomie's friends out bout there finna be a blizzard and i aint that heartless
  15. nah who am i kidding i never feel good when i'm this sober
  16. not to be a dick but this thread makes me feel pretty good about my life
  17. Re: ex-cop on cop killing spree in CA i wonder if he's going to be the first "domestic terrorist" to be killed by drones on U.S. soil if so, the tin foil hats are going get more actively nutso
  18. hope your boy pulls through and makes a speedy recovery
  19. on a desert island i'd make hooch out of whatever i could if i wasn't found in the first month i'd drink myself to death or die trying
  20. about 15 days before i moved landlord made it pretty obvious he was going to gyp me out of as much of my deposit as he thought he could get away with so i left like a dozen trash bags in the closets and just poured bleach on every stain on the carpets suck my fuckin dick bitch ain't no sheisty cheapskate viet nerd bitch faget getting over on me like that
  21. buck a scoop chinese joints cashier speaking spanish liquor store ethiopian cashier speaking spanish
  22. i quit that 3 week nonstop drug and crazy bitch sex binge cold turkey by dying my hair non stop cool way to start 2013 or something did more work last night and today also, my homie sells bootleg dvds at the barber shop in aurora...so ill probably start getting free fades on the undershave clearly, few are prepared to even attempt to fuck with my dougie nh
  23. i remember seeing this in the way back. do you use your thumb? seems awkward as hell, but if the flat black and watermelon are still where they were...it might be worth it
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