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  1. ^ happy born date. -just wake'n up. -coffee. -greenery. -interwebs. -photo edits.
  2. -finishing beer and heading dahn the strip district to check out some homies getting paid to use a paintbrush instead of cans for a paid mural.
  3. -at the office. -pissed off cause my boss keeps play'n me on get'n me the $$$$ he owes.. i'm talk'n bout 2G's worth. -interweb'n/ looking for some new freelance work/ jobs n shat. -day dreaming about a cold beer an fresh bowl o greenery when i get home.
  4. -trying to hurry girlface to ready faster. -contacting mr. green. -checking what movies are playing at the drive-in movie spot. -packing a cooler, full o beers..
  5. i've never seen or heard of "bro icing" in real life. if i ever saw it happening i would def point and laugh, then dismiss all members of the "bro icing" as complete faggots.. an like pfffft said, i would never be "friends" with lames that thought this was some how "cool" or participated in these acts of bromosexuality... anyways, continue on...
  6. -drinking coffee, but bout to switch to beer. -love'n the hate i get.. -eat'n pizza beagle bits to make everything ok..
  7. ^both.. -watching "kick ass". -drank'n. -kill'n the last of my trees. exciting ass friday nite.
  8. -misfits -pabst -herb -people watching/interweb'n MOTHER FLIP'N STILLERZ!
  9. a fat nasty white kinda preepy girl that works for a developer i do some freelance work for is going.. she's scared and her freinds told her she better bring a gun... hahahaha.. even if i lived next door to wherever this is happening and someone offerd free tickets and to pay for booze all night, i still wouldn't go... fuck these clowns.. especially eminem...
  10. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** nice list smxxl. i'm on it...
  11. -just got a new power cord for the laptop since the last one tried to assinate me.. -using above mentioned laptop. -seeing if i can drink a case today by myself. -bout to go grab some greenery. -photo uploading and editing all night.
  12. -just woke up. -wish i had some coffee. -ain't do'n jack sheeeight today..
  13. did you see my crusty ass brother dahn there? i'm happy him an his stank freinds ain't livin at my spot no more.. hahaha.. happy birthday n'at yinz n'at...
  14. -waiting for girlie to finish get'n ready. -finishing beer. -looking forward to relax'n on the boat and swimming.
  15. unknwnplezurez posted this on Aug 26th, 2010 at 09:00:37 pm Anyone know who this menacing Thör chararacter is that tags mailboxes and buildings and even automobiles in Pittsburgh?! I think I am mostly intrigued by his Scandinavian name. I've googled "Thor in Pittsburgh" and found a flickr account with some of his works... that is all. manny posted this on Aug 26th, 2010 at 09:05:04 pm "works" my ass. this guy has scratched his name into at least two mirrors along my block. i'd be happy to scratch my name in blood on his fucking forehead. found this on another pittsburgh message board and thought it was funny.. unknwnplezurez is obviously a cop. manny is a troll looking hipster who owns a "gallery" along penn ave.
  16. edit: wrong thread.. continue on..
  17. -at the office, interweb'n. -sip'n iced coffee. -waiting to get paid so i can leave for the weekend.
  18. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** good stuff posted. i was a lazy fucktard an didn't get around to this. next time. sorry about yer freind yinz n'at.
  19. my grand parents are all dead. never knew my dads parents. my moms mom passed away about a year ago.. little did i know but they were rich as fuck and left behind 2.7 million dollars to be split evenly between my mom, aunt, uncle, and the six of us grandkids. sooo, i'm looking at about 3 hundred grand once the estates settled.. LOVE YOU GRAMMA!! use your spirit to make this god damned lawyer get me my doe... haha, but for real fer reals. i loved my gramma and miss her at times..
  20. -just got woke'n up.. TWICE... -first a call from girlie asking if i wanted to go play lazertag with a bunch of her friends, but if i wanted to go i had to get up an be ready asap.. i declined and figured i'd just sleep for another couple hours.. -had just fallen back asleep when i get a knock on my door, it's my dad asking me to help move my brother outta my apartment.. i had already told my brother i wasn't gonna help him move and to get his crusty ass punk friends to help him.. none of them showed... -so not only am i not getting drunk and on my way to play lazertag, i'm not sleeping peacefully in my king size bed in my nice airconditioned room, i'm helping my fucking brother move all his SHIT THE FUCK OUTTA MY PLACE.. witch is on the fourth floor of a non-elevatorerd building, so every trip is a bitch... FUCKKKKKK...
  21. ^ nice. edit: goddammit yinz... fuckin get'n in the way... hahaha
  22. -just got home from "work" --> PISSED.. they owe me three grand, i was expecting at least a thousand today an they pay me $400... wtf fucking bastards... -drinking a beer. -texting green man. -waiting for girlie to get here..
  23. ^ ok gangster.. wallet, keys, lighter, cigs, knife, marker, scrib.
  24. -moved my girl from philly to pixburgh. -visited friends in brooklyn for a week. -went to DC for my sisters wedding. -couple weekend trips to various beaches with girly. -lots o drink'n, smoke'n, an fack'n..
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