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  1. ^hahaha.. eww.. -at work, lifted. -drank'n some iced coffee. -interweb'n -get'n paid for some draw'n.
  2. i think about: -bills i gotta pay. -how much herb i got left and when i can meet up with homie. -do i need to stop and get beer on the way home or if i have some left in the fridge. -how lucky i am. -saving money and moving to CA... or anywhere near the beach where i can get my edjumacation finished up so as to make better money..
  3. eh, my boss wouldn't approve. was listening to the artifacts - between a rock and a hard place.. now listening to the exploited - troops of tomorrow.
  4. -at the office. -obviously working hard. -drinking coffee. -wishing i had remembered to bring in my good headphones.
  5. damn, that a shitty birthday night.. yer lucky about the organs and whatnot.
  6. i'm 31. my last five girlfriends ages have been: 18 (dated her for a summer, she left to go to school in NY. half asian/american, 4'9" tall), 21 (had her living with me for like two years, she was bat-shit crazy but looked like haley berry, half jamacan/italian), 31 (dated her for almost a year, punk rock tatted up white chic), 24 (dated for like 7-8 months, young suga momma aka good job an had tickets for any event, owned a house and car etc.) and 29 (currently and hopefully wifers).. this is over the course of the last 3-4 years.. sure, the older ones were more mature, easier to get along with and still had super tight bodies.. but if you can smash them young'ns, then goddammit SMASH.. you only live once.. btw, is is true that if you don't use it, you do lose it..
  7. -eating leftover fajitas. -listening to some clssic blues. -editing some pics. -considering doing some cleaning or painting or sketching or just about anything that'd get me away from this computer...
  8. GREAT THREAD IS GREAT.. i gotta dslr in january.. here's some of what i've been doing.. feedback, photo/editing tips welcome.. PROPS TO ALL POSTERS IN THIS THREAD! def inspirational...
  9. -waiting for that five double zero to roll around on the clock so i can bounce with 8 hours under my belt... -gonna go smoke a cig for the next 10-15 mins..
  10. -at teh office, lifted from the wake n bake solo session. -interweb'n. -listening to bad religion. -not looking forward to having to measure a clients house this afternoon. -trying to kill this day so i can relaxe on the boat tonight and tomorrow.
  11. -waiting for girlfacekiller to get ready. -thinking it's about time for some whiskey. -not really looking forward to dnb night that i'm going to cuz my girl wants to, just so she doesnt get harrased by douchebags.. and not looking forward to seeing ex's and haters and said event.. -enjoying my beer an greenery..
  12. - just waking up.. yes i know it's 4:30 in the afternoon. -drinking iced coffee. -bout to put some music on.
  13. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** good shat..
  14. -green. -retard jay leno -showered -bedtime? -feel'n old..
  15. SIXBURGH aka da steel city n'at aka pittsburgh -'rogies. -mullets. -STIILERS -Miron Cope n'at.. double yoi! -bridges -french fries on everything you order. -rust / steel. yea yup...
  16. as retarded as this is; it's as good if not better than most of the shit on the radio.. plus it get bonus points for making me laugh...
  17. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** aweful? c'mon, they used the "super" S!! TWICE!!! hahahaha... good shit everyone, fer reals..
  18. -making my 700th post. -bout to go grab beer n cigs. -sweat'n my balls off.. -listening to this:
  19. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** A DAY LATE AND A DOLLAR SHORT.. 1. music 2. purple 3. animal - apparntly, alaskan snow crab have teeth on the end of their claws.. 4. aweful - job to have. 5. three - x3. 6. abandoned 7. something new - made myself a new wallet 8. shadow 9. nite 10. the devil 11. paint 12. sculpture bonus: * pervact ** something (kinda) ch. 0 related..
  20. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** must spread repage.. good stuff spicey. i should have my pics up later. gotta couple to grab still.
  21. the only way to drink.. get's ya drunk faster..
  22. -downloading pigion john albums. -slacking off at work. -waiting for girlie to pick me up so i can go do flips n shit off the boat..
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