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  1. english was and is my worst subject. shit, i just learned how to spell "wednesday" like last year.. wensday. haha. i'm pretty good with the whole "your" vs "you're" bullshat since becoming interweb literate(sp). still can't spell worth sheit tho. i'm convinced it's genetic.
  2. smoking a cig as i type this so i def failed on quiting smoking. unemployed and collecting unemployment (and loving it) so career/school advancement is out the window. still in pixburgh, wanted to move to the west coast. looks like it's gonna be summer 2011 befor that happens. drinking less, yeah fucking right. i drink more everyday. fail fail fail fail.. but i feel i win at life, so it's all gravy.
  3. -sketching. -listening to some blend/scratch mix homie made. -yes, still drank'n them pabst. -bout to run across the street for squares.
  4. -just finished eating some perogies. -drinking pabst, as mother fucking always. -considering going dahn the bar.
  5. lazy friday night. -pabst, nothin new. -listening to Roc Marciano. thank you V.I.P.. haven't downloaded new GOOD hip hop in a looong time. -green ass green turning to smoke in the air. -waiting for girlface as usual. gonna be a while as she's get'n her hair did..
  6. Re: THE "HOLY SHIT I FUCKING HATE CHILDREN" THREAD............ i'm enough of a kid, i don't need a younger & crazier version of me fucking up my life and making me be an adult...
  7. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** lazy contribution stop. yeild. go.
  8. nah dude, they live in a 3 ft by 5 ft house. thats all.. i like the bear getting lifted at the end..
  9. i've slept on this thread for like 63 pages. have checked it every so often and found lots of laughs. funny thing is, i have BSM tat'd on my arm. it was the first tat i got and was the click i used to do ruckess with.. got it when i was like 17 in old english letters, thought it was gangster. we def thought we were a bunch of thugs. stood for Blue Stone Mafia.. yeeeah. anyway, continue on...
  10. -jus had my hair did. haven't paid for a hair cut in 8 years. -drinking pabst as always. -trying to create a watermark/logo that i like for pics n'at.
  11. -watching girlie get her stuff together for the next few days at my spot. -drinking pabst, all day erry day. -ingoring the movie "quarentine(sp) on the TV. -excited about getting back to my apt after a three day stay at girlfaces..
  12. "all i need is one mic ( or screen name)".
  13. i guess i gotta start proping more people cuz it seems like everytime i try to prop in this thread i get the "must spread rep" message.. anyway, this page is killing it...
  14. -laying in girlfaces bed watching a movie + interweb'n. -drinking in the AM. -wishing i was at my apartment so i could at least have some green delivered.
  15. wtf yinz n'at? shoulda called a cracka n stopped up n checked out the view n blazed.. epic trip Squirrel! if yer ever on that block again, you should peep the view i gots..
  16. -drinking beers. -interweb'n. -going to this first friday gallery crawl cuz my girl n her friends wanna go.. i'm kinda MEH about it..
  17. Nice! the sunset was pretty deeeope yesterday. that was about the most exciting thing i did yesterday. insert pics of me in sweatpants, drinking beer, playing nintendo 64 bond, an blazing trees.
  18. -just got my lazy ass outta bed. -cracked a beer. -bout to get in the shower. -maybe just maybe, i'll actually leave my apartment today. thank you obama and PA unemployment for funding my slacker ass life..
  19. -still drinking. -just realized i forgot to PM 12ozProphet my 2 screen shots for the day. -bout to resize and PM my screenshots for more green namage. -more al greenery. -enjoying "me" time after "excersizing" with girlfacekiller.
  20. how does anyone live for 24 years without getting pussy? i see ugly, literally retarded, dudes on the street an even they have ugly retarded girls.. i think yer boy's a fag.
  21. -just got outta bed, yes, it's almost 5pm. -gonna take a shower for the first time in a few days cuz girlies coming over. -gotta go get beer..
  22. howard beale: those yer flicks? if so, they're quality.. proppages...
  23. i think the number is 148,000. any religion that states: "if you don't believe what i believe, you're going to hell". is bullshit.. religion is the number one problem in this world.
  24. -amazed i'm even awake right now so my alcoholic ass is drinking beer at 10am.
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