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  1. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** better late than never.... i guess. 1. bathroom tile 2. fire 3. football related 4. car damage 5. hand painted sign 6. old video game 7. chips n salsa 8. bird(s) 9. police 10. metal 11. security xxxx 12. tweenty one (had to mirror this one to cheet) no bonuses.. love this thread an all who participate. nh sorry i'm such a slacker lately..
  2. listening to blockhead - music by cavelight. cigs, brews, herbs. trying to get my last couple shots for the photohunt thread. late as usual. day dreaming about turkey day..
  3. the homie emailed me some links. nicer (pics from clout):
  4. my brother is 7 years younger than i am to the day... dude messed with pogs. i thought pokeman was the same time period, cuase he had that shit too.. anyway. all that shits lame, period.. star trak ass dungon and dragon ass ---> being forced to play outside > being lame with some retarded card/chip game.....
  5. the other day a girl in front of me in line at the gas station dropped a small bag of weed. i just kneeled down like i was tying my shoe an snagged that shit.. shoulda said "excuss me miss, but i believe you dropped your marijuana". last week some jagbag started screaming at me that i was an asshole because i pulled out into traffic in front of him as he was pulling up on a red light.. this dude was very visably upset. so i proceeded to block traffic for a good two minutes making crying faces at him and telling him to get the fuck out the car.. he didn't.. they say you stop mentally maturing at whatever age you started smoking weed.. i started blazing on the daily when i was 14.. so basicly i'm in my early thirties with the mentality of a fourteen year old adhd having bi-polar retard..
  6. couple pics from sunday night disapointment.. down to the nitty gritty stillerz clyde monster
  7. -watching jaws 2. -interweb'n. -ate a pain killer an drinking brew. yes, it's 10:15am
  8. -just watched the latest episode of dexter. -bout to watch the last two episodes of weeds. -beeers n more beers.. i think i'ma chugg a couple to try an up this buzz.
  9. -been cleaning the fuck outta/organizing/re-arranging my apartment all day. -listening to "the beat diaries of victor von doom" by achromatic residue. -pabst tall cans all day erry day.
  10. -trying to motivate my girl to go out. -drank'n n smokin.. -just connected my tables to the stereo for the first time in years. --->going thru tons of old rekids..
  11. damn cali, busy.. -trying to figure out what kinda trouble to get into tonight. -happy hour right now.
  12. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i'm slack'n, sorry.. got about half the list so far. going on a photo mission tomorrow during the day so i'll post sometime in the pm. who ever wants next, take it... also, props to everyone posted already..
  13. wake n baken. think'n it may be about time to crack a beer. trying to motivate myself to get some shit done today.
  14. -getting blazed. -bout to watch Invictus. -pabst tall cans. -listening to the dog snore.
  15. -girlie's cooking some kinda stuffed chicken that's smell'n propper. -drank'n. -editing pics n shit. -interweb'n.
  16. props to dude for sparkin up on tv while discussing the politics of it.
  17. co-signed.. also, google sketchup is way easier for 3d drawl'n.. http://sketchup.google.com/
  18. -killing last beer for the night. -waiting for the last bit of this show i watchiiing online to load. -wishing i had reliaable fast interrwebs instead of stealing it from neighbors.
  19. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** here's the new list: 1.inside/outside 2.symbolic 3.broken 4.something holloween related 5.busy 6.typical 7.unexpected 8.hometown tradition or something yer city is known for 9. living/dead 10. glass 11. urban plant/weed/tree/whatever 12. twelve bonus: *perv *turkey
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