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  1. this is cool and i'd totally try an take pictures if i didn't live in pixburgh where the sky's overcast and grey from sept. till march.... please post some pics tomorrow those of you that actually get to see this...
  2. WTF is this shit..... terir, you need more arrowz and add a crown.. yer shit's bang'n!
  3. at the office printing drawings and waiting for this client. hoping he gets here soon so i can get my pre-game drink on. stillers at 4:15..
  4. pbrrrrs as well. listening to the sound providers - true indeed "walk in the park" finishing up this floor plan drawring..
  5. Re: Shutter Speed Photography two i used for the photohunt thread in ch.0
  6. Nice pics up in err.. took this back in october on my roof.. thought it turned out aight..
  7. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** late as usual.. 1.teeth 2.long exposure 3.brick 4.entrance 5.dizzy 6.macro (kinda, not really) 7.foreign 8.crystal clear x 9.glutteny x 10.domestic bonus xxx but here's a random niiice new list SMXXL i'll try n be more on time...
  8. wow... i feel much dunber after reading the last 5 pages.. at least i had some laughs.. "LO"? hahahahahaha
  9. wishing my interweb was faster so this dexter episode would load faster. dethawing after taking the dogcow for a walk an playing in the snow..
  10. finishing up one stage of this drawing for $$$$. about to commence drinking lots o beers.
  11. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i should be posted by wednesday. /yesimslack'n
  12. i got that same camera last year.. got this on my christmas list: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens review/info: http://www.the-digital-picture.com/reviews/canon-ef-50mm-f-1.8-ii-lens-review.aspx shits only $100 an is highly recomended..
  13. watching season 2 of sons of anarchy. beeeeers. bout to order some chinese foodz.. mmmmm chinese.
  14. decided it was beer 0'clock. working on this floor plan drawing i'm getting paid a grand to draw. as usual, waiting for girlfacekilla and her half cow half dog half pig animal to come over.
  15. i helped my mom n dad get their tree home and set up this afternoon. no pics. my girl wants to help them decorate next weekend.. whatever, i'm getting old and actually like chill'n with the rents. i'll post a pic after that's finished.. don't think i'ma get myself a tree this year. instead i'm just going to decorate the 8 foot palm tree i aquired a few weeks ago. tropical style tree in cold ass pixburgh..
  16. beers. interwebz. forever waiting on girlfacekilla. can't wait to re-unite with my homie jameson later..
  17. Not Sayers Freinds hahahaha just play'n.. bump all the homies in this thread..
  18. hahahaha.. this thread turned real funny...
  19. greens and tall cans. national geographic about dog being awesom and smart. writing the same word over and over again.
  20. just killed the last brew in my house. smoking hopefully the last cig of the night. scott ppilgrim vs the world on the tv. - shit's pretty funny. listening to the dog snore loud as hell. going to join my girl in bed soon and enjoy her body heat an my electric blanket on this cold ass night. stillerz tomorrow @ 1pm so i gotta get up by 1130 to get my drink on.
  21. friday night home chillen. girlies passed out from waking up at 6am to go shopping. snorting some unknown pill. drinking.
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