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  1. congrats pornbooth.. i'm 31 and am trying to get my unemployed lazy ass back into school to finish up my bach degree.. hopefully i'll be enrolled by summer/fall.
  2. suc1vvs jus recieved a second tampon an is gonna be butthurt when the gayvens lose next week..
  3. i've peep'd this.. only thought that came to mind was: if it seems too good to be true, it prob ain't... edit: drunk thought: stay watching whatever item till there's almost no time left, make bid, aquire item? i donnno... maybe patience is the game..
  4. last beer. last square. last hit. last call. last post....
  5. this is ill... FMG-9 peep how it works..
  6. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i've been a miserable sack of shit lately.... sooo, i failed real real real bad at completing this task.. next list prease.....
  7. adding to my chances of cancer and liver failure.
  8. that gif's pretty awesom... makes me miss my ex... haha.. an yea, happy berfday dude...
  9. PRE MAFUCK'N GAME'N. listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YVM5CUezug beastie boys - b-boys makin' with the funk. flask's full. ready to get illy.
  10. quit smoking tobacco. quit drinking a case a day. get a job (don't really want to but umemployment doesn't leave me with much money to play with / save.) finish up bach. degree. make and sell more (f)art(s). move to a new city.
  11. "morning" coffee at 4pm. operation dumbo drop about to go down. not even looking forward to the shanagans(sp) of tonight.
  12. watching bar trick tutorials. drinking chocolate donut coffee. just waking up as the sun's going dahn..
  13. just finished having a "talk" w girlie... glad she always gets sleepy early. oontz. drunk... kill'n this ol E 40...
  14. Re: Montreal and NYC Trip 2010 nice.. montreal looks dope..
  15. eating a turkey sammich. waiting on girlie to pick me up from my parents house.
  16. bout to finish wrapping presents for the fam. then heading down to the liquor store for a couple bottles of wine to enjoy with dinner tomorrow night. happy holidays 12oz.
  17. ^i always liked that necske simple.. (fuck bloods.. hahah) edit, last page i don't even know wat to say about the last two (or three) pages... flickburg stays kill'n it.. respect man.. hope i haven't posted these befor. who wants to place bets as to what crew swipes up EDIT, nevermind
  18. finishing last beer of the night. listening to dogcowpig snore louder than yer grandma. bout to take a piss then dive into bed.
  19. dope... props to everyone that posted pics.. shit was a no go here for sure...
  20. Re: Oh deer! It looks like my night just got a bit more interesting. (weak stomachs beware 1.5 pages, annnnn i'm done... have fun w that road kill....
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