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  1. drinking the second beer of the day. waiting for girl to get back w some cigs. just got done posting a day in pies.
  2. shady alley nice wig piece stupid ugly biznatches eww lil too much to drink my girls dad is funny lots of these dicks everywhere drunk by this time self titled and i'm out
  3. .yesterday. shirt for the day wake up call at 10am say goodbye to cowdogpig wait for the bus short bus ride dahntahn bagpiper that'd be fun the spot MORE
  4. ^cheer up holmes.. coffee + jameson = win. bout to go dahntahn for some paddys day shenanigans...
  5. pre-game'n with the homies pabst n jameson. watching girlie get ready.. listening to a mix my boy made. missing the infamous magazine release party but going to a dub step show in a minute. obviously interweb'n.
  6. up before noon. drinking glazed chocolate donut flavored coffee w/ a shot of jameson. bout too watch the price is right.
  7. interweb'n beer, beer, beer beer beer.. Lays sour cream & onion chips. it's raining an gray as hell out, think i'ma take a nap till my girl comes over.
  8. listening to johnny cash. interweb'n. trying to motivate myself to actually do something productive today.
  9. up early.. yes, 1pm is early for me.. drinking vanilla coffee an getting lifted.. bout to take a shower then do the mother fuckin dishes.. excited my girl's finally back in town and is coming over a little later..
  10. still fuck'n draw'n. beers an more beers.. listening to mobb deep - infamous archives.
  11. still drafting. still drinking brews. still wishing i had some greenery.
  12. getting paid $25hr to layout and draft some apartment remodel plans. drinking pabst 16ozers. wishing i had some green. kinda mad about my girl "stopping at the beach for a day on the way back to PA" turning into "i'm staying till Thursday an i'll see you Friday".. she was 'spoose to be home tonight...
  13. i watched that before i ever read any of his books.. thought it was really interesting and a pretty good watch..
  14. http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The-Big-Lebowski/1181532?trkid=438403#height2167 classic http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Exam/70120605?trkid=438403#height1620 was ok http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Unthinkable/70122330?trkid=438403#height1898 decent flick http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The-Good-Heart/70125354?trkid=438403#height1748 ok http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Cashback/70070482?trkid=438403#height1927 liked this one
  15. taking a break from doing the motherfurack'n dishes...
  16. just read this on a local message board: "Jackson posted this on Feb 19th, 2011 at 02:24:05 am yikes! riding my bike past the Sunoco (121 N. NEGLEY AVENUE) in East Liberty , I hear gunshots and quickly realize that they are aimed toward my immediate area , felt a tap on my right leg by the knee area. I'm home know , there is a bleeding hole that I can stick a finger tip in and a new bump , dunno if it's shattered bone or a bullet or debris from a ricochet. gonna look into this now. this happened about fifteen minutes ago. dudes were running fast , I couldn't tell if they were shooting at me or chasing & shooting at someone else. either way ,, these guys were goobers ! dorks ! jerks ! it's been said before , but ,,, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT SUNOCO !!! (unless you are Bat Man)" dude who posted is a joke type "rap dude" oh, an shit happened relatively close to where i live.. who the fuck gets shot, then calls the dudes goobers? anyway, i'm drinking beer. listening to pete rocks ny's finest album. considering weather or not i wanna participate in this live painting competition next month i was just invited to. waiting on the man with the green to stop by..
  17. whenever the hell i want to.. thank you again PA unemployment. haven't worked a day since november 29th 2009.
  18. used to love RC's as a young buck.. we never had enough money for me to have anything that went faster than i could walk. some friends tho, they had the gas powered ones that would go fast as hell.. hop'n em off bike ramps n shit.. i imagine getting back into this hobby "for your son" of course, would be fun.. post pics when you finally buy one..
  19. i just updated my status to say i was reading this thread...
  20. beer. enjoying this strange light outside.. i think it's called "the sun"?
  21. drinking beers. waiting for girl. gotta go get some shit from the grocery store and am not looking forward to it.
  22. i donno man, seems like you got a pretty sweet thing go'n on there in NYC.. pittsburgh has been rated the number one most livable city. http://www.forbes.com/2010/04/29/cities-livable-pittsburgh-lifestyle-real-estate-top-ten-jobs-crime-income.html
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