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  1. just saw on nightline she's earned about $200,000 between youtube ads and itune sales... WTF....
  2. gave ya a couple tic tacs for actually posting pics boxcarchild..
  3. rubble i donno, but i feel bad for you son. class walked that way this guy nice spot train bridge smoke stack city living got milk??? violators haha reserved for throw'n away caddies. hate it when fools attack the wallet n not the face dope R.I.P. goodnight END
  4. don't get in trouble or you'll end up here up up.. adult jungle gym maybe 406 dahntahn -> warner purdy flowers... spring is here stopped here n checked out some books.. broken window effect ninja or 13ft tall? looked n smelled good... the food homos ally ways the original lunch vue? fruits n veggies ol signage puddle, yea, it was raining earlier. MORE
  5. good shit... here's a long walk aka a little tour....... og slippers coffee, chocolate glazed donut. jam my mess an protect ya neck crumble my eggo peel'n overgrown uptahn jail trail mf1er bluhd kisses sov n puz a couple stairs theme for the day climb'n ass vandals MORE
  6. blacked out pittsburgh new era fitted. black long sleeve tee. camo cargo shorts. custom olive green/black/white dunk low's.
  7. ..5am funnies are funny.. my eyes hurt from reading so much, but the lolz were worth it..
  8. laughing at the "is my friend dating a porn star" thread.. killing a slurrican 40oz.. (lost my bank card and real low on cash) smoking some "dumbstar" weed? interweb'n. have been cleaning my apartment (girlie is coming over) an planning out shit i gotta do tomorrow.
  9. is it bad when you're more concerned about your next drink than your next meal?
  10. chips an french onion dip... yesterday.. today is strictly beer an whiskey.... best believe i'ma eat everything in my fridge plus the fridge itself later..
  11. i hate it when i'm just trying to get drunk with the homie and one of his "associates" threatens me with his bitch ass gun.. so i end up just walking away.... pissed. what ever happened to a fair fight? no weapons.... fucking pussies so quick to take it to gun play... yea, that gun makes you such a big fucking man huh? i stopped carrying mine cus i ain't trying to catch a murder charge over some drunk shit...
  12. getting drunk off beer. bout to walk up to the nearest bar i'm not banned from an get more drunk off whiskey. drinking away the pain.. yea, it works..... try it..
  13. SUPER MOOOON!! not soo super..
  14. :un-eventful friday: walk down stairs dumb-ster walk down the hill see wildlife and other random shit parking authority whatever stopped in some little gallery.. this shit was cool this mission was to get redbox movies for the night.. forgot to take pics of movie selections. walk back up hill END
  15. ..in my head i'm imagining the moon with a cape on..
  16. i made my girl watch this video today.... needless to say, she was not impressed nor found it funny... i was crack'n up..
  17. watching my girl "rest her eyes" for a minute. thursday nbc tv on. sip'n pabst, bout 6 shots into a bottle of jameson.. smoking green, so that should count for something.. hopefully won't be persuaded into going out an dealing with these idiots out tonight
  18. drinking beers. listening to metal fingers. interweb'n. bout to go pick up a bottle of jameson.
  19. might celebrate by buying a bottle of whiskey, but that's about it..
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