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  1. was cruise'n someones tumblr an found this.. don't think it's been posted..
  2. HB _BLANK_.. trying to decide what i'm gonna grab for lunch.. i'm thinking a chipotle turkey pretzel sandwich..
  3. ^sorry to hear about yer homies Oh Snafu... all you can do is write em letters and drop some cash on their books.. what am i doing? drinking COFFEE while sitting at my desk still picking the sleepers out my eyes..
  4. two of mine.. The Ramones - Somebody Put Something In My Drink (i donno whats up with zip in this video) The Misfits - Where Eagles Dare (i ain't no god damn son of a bitch)
  5. bought this because i couldn't find a new one of these
  6. they say "if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything"....
  7. in my tahn, we drink, fight, fuck and don't play lame retarded games.. yes, i have a tahn.
  8. good reads.. working security would be pretty entertaining.
  9. "working" aka interweb'n while printing drawings.
  10. sorry, i thought you asked for frog pics.. a smile/compliment/something funny is your best bet... don't listen to these herbs telling you "i'ma fuck you" line bullshit...
  11. wanting one hour and 8 minutes to pass by real real quick so i can get out of this office and onto the boat an enjoy the rest of this day....
  12. at work... hoping the next half hour flies the fuck by so i can get outta here...
  13. gonna try an get crack'n on this list as well..
  14. Maybe a problem with the Flux Capacitor?
  15. and NOES: i have no clue about travel time as i've never been to boston.. pittsburgh to philly takes about 5.5 hours..
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