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  1. dogfacekiller aka kira.. bonnie and clyde posing for a pic..
  2. on blasted got some money out ran into my homie walking his beast huh wtf oohhhh. cherry pie filling wrestling crowded dude was painting these ok creep'n drizzunk went to an afterparty n did lots of drugs but didn't bring my camera.. END
  3. yesterday n'at: gear dogfacekiller made my bed, kinda took dog for a walk.. r.i.p. KIDS sniffer poops more walking did some reading on my deck drank some of these she's wait'n for mum bath time the gatos posing for a picture made dinner sunset MORE
  4. lucky fucker.... haha, just play'n.. get better an spend wisely son....
  5. drinking the last beer of the night (hopefully) feeling satisfied about all the re-laying out i did around my apartment/penthouse today in order to accommodate a new roommate. (times is tough out meah for an unemployed cracka) wishing i wasn't so paranoid about passing a drug test for any new job opportunity that i could blaze some herbs. *sigh*
  6. damn dude.. glad you're taking all this bullshit with a smile.. i'd be telling old man "next time you see me will be be right before the next time you're gonna be in the hospital"...... that's some straight up fucked up behavior on his part. how you gonna fuck up your kids future and credit like that an think it's not gonna come back and smack ya in the face? anyway, good luck and congrats n'ats...
  7. late, but thought i'd contribute 1.Weather 2.Favorite color 3.Out of focus 4.Formal wear 5.My city Props to all who participate.
  8. this statement makes me wanna take back the two i gave ya...
  9. SHORT WALK: gatos totally bro the day.. i didn't pic the sweet lunch i had with the fam earlier in the day. nice little roof spot the mission was to return redbox movies and get cigs. walked back this way donno what was going on up there, but i smelled hippie shit street signs nice whip yo this dude didn't like me creep'n in the alley textured evidence of ghettoness got back to my spot an chilled on the deck and enjoyed the weather END
  10. Serial Killers - the method and madness of monsters by Peter Vronsky
  11. tribe called quest - low end theory. bout to walk to pick up another case o' beer.. waiting on girlfacekilla and cowpigdog to come over...
  12. last beer an cig of the night. being irritated be the poker chip shuffling sounds on Poker After Dark on TV that i'm not watching. bout to pass the fuck out.. "pajama jeans"? haha
  13. drinkin brews. watching girlie get ready. bout to head out for the night.
  14. yea, dudes face will heal.. i don't have any pics, but here's a little story. a few years ago, i went directly from work to the bar. started drinking jameson on the rocks and pabsts. about 3 hours later my homies like "you want a zanny"? of course i eat it and continue drinking. we leave that spot around 10ish and head to this other bar where a few friends were dj'ing a funk and soul type dance party.. i remember walking in, staying 'what's up' to a few heads and nothing else.. woke up the next day, still in my business atire, but with blood all over my nice white dress shirt. notice a nice lump on the side of my head above my ear and that my eye is swollen. i look in the mirror and see that i have a nice cut on the outer edge of my eye. i'm like "who the fuck punched me"? Anyways, i go to work and tell me boss that i'm sorry i look a mess. i get on this local message board and start a thread asking who the fuck knocked me out the night before? hours go by and i'm getting all these hipster fucks who act all holier than thou types telling me how sad it is that i don't remember this happening and that i should seek help for my alcoholism an shit.. some time that afternoon, the bartender who works at the bar where the funk n soul party was tells me i face planted into a glass candle holder smashing it into my face, then fell straight backwards smashing my head onto the hard wood floor... had to be helped walk home, luckily i live across the street and a girl that lived below me had keys to the building and i had left my door unlocked.. I've been punched in the face several times before and swore to god that some one had punched me out... i was pretty ashamed to find out what actually happened..
  15. headed out. this guy is scary the sky looked cool laughed at this walked some more got to the spot for the night Art all Night.. it's a free event where hundreds of artists display their ish. free booze, music whatever.. great people watching too. lots of bikes hit a cut to piss nice fucking hair bitch the super S! mr lif's younger brother? what the flipping fuck is that by this time i was pretty drunk.. took a few more sloppy pics and bounced END
  16. Saturday: wake up n read a little listen to some music headed out to grab a case grabbed some wahder ice.. haha love this little cut street arts.. something about the death of the payphone stopped and bullshat with these scumbags noticed the buff mans been busy meet this little gangster the distributer didn't have my shit, so i walked the allys back to the six pack shop. free this guy... someone had fun posting these at the shop. saw these hipster biznatches relaxed n drank some brews, enjoyed the view. MORE
  17. props bobbydig an lesbian.. my mom makes the bomb arroz con pollo..
  18. just a bunch of shat i had on the computer for other posts.
  19. nope.. her parents only spent $4000 for that video.. $196,000 profit..
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