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  1. if yer ever in pittsburgh, holler atcha hombre.. my spots, hella cheap too.. maybe i'll take some interior shots and share em in the "house/apt" thread.
  2. i'm still getting over some kinda flu, but stopped in for about an hour.. that venue's weird.. wasn't really feel'n it.. although i did see some good peoples.. bought my t-shirt, zine, an that infamous mag. so i did my job to support.. hope it was a success and helps somehow.
  3. a couple i watched recently: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The_Education_of_Charlie_Banks/70069272?trkid=2429428#height2343 http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/The-Runaways/70123100?trkid=438403#height1364 http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Spiral/70084601?trkid=438403#height1754 http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/A-k-a-Tommy-Chong/70041144?trkid=438403#height1834 http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Barry-Munday/70117303?trkid=438403#height1709 http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Stupidity/70052680?trkid=438403#height1575
  4. living room view one: i fucking hated the day this douche got up and i had to look at that that forever... still trying to borrow a paintball gun from someone... living room view two: bridge n'at living room view three: dahntahn back deck: this is just one shot. i have a 180+ degree view back there..
  5. just read this... really bizarre.. don't really know what i think about it...
  6. listening to johnny cash. beer. looking into truck driving schools. (thinking this would be a decent way to "see" the country while getting paid) left over pizza on the menu for later.
  7. i'm actually pretty good about only getting a new pair once the current ones i'm rocking are getting a little too beat up to look crispy.. i used to work at foot locker years ago, and would buy or steal a new pair or two every month.. at one point i think i had like 50-60 pairs.. down to about 20 or less now.. whatever..
  8. drinking. just had a 2 hour long text war with my most likely soon to be ex girl.. getting my buzz on to hit up the free HERT benefit party. FUCK i hate getting heated over stupid bullshit female caused drama....
  9. mine means fuck you.... or kirby giving the bird..
  10. Re: sooo.. my first threesum ended up with me getting punched in the face... damn holmes.. disregard ex, aquire new tang... and i have no comment or clue as to what the fuck you were thinking..
  11. i stay looking out my windows... i'll contribute when i decide to go thru some pics..
  12. ^ i'd rock those... sadly, i cop about two or three pairs a year.. my christmas shoes are still look'n pretty nice.. i'll prob get a new pair around may-ish..
  13. black beenie cap. black "HATE" shirt philly "love" park style. grey n black flannel. dark blue jeans. grey n black dunk mids. gotta say, yea, i'm style'n on most bout now. hahaha, play'n..
  14. last bud, not like the beer but the one that makes you wiser. pabst tall cans. interweb'n. thinking i'ma go out tonight.
  15. left that spot.. streets already messy walk across a bridge, whats up stadium liked this waiting for the bus i saw this freak'n guy had been there.. love their signs wasn't mad at this "street art". note to self: pick up new pentel. black IN yellow ok get to the bar to watch the game this guy wins... i don't know what he wins, but he wins for sure... dear in headlights look creep'n big ray all geeked after a touchdown yea, we lost... sure we'll be back again next year. saw these fucks got in a fight with my lady over some drunk bullshit and ended up walking home.. across a bridge and over the hill.. not many pics as i was pretty pissed off and drunk.. fell like three times on the ice and brused a knee, twisted my ankle, and fucked up my elbow as well.. dope little tunnel near my apt. mooooooose. got home and passed the fuck out.. END
  16. pics from sunday wake up an get my head right still haven't fixed the shower head, so baths it is. my cat's funny gear get downtown love this alley down to catch subway/trolley have a nice day crossed some bridges was too busy inhailing food to get better pics, but this spot was nice. the food dope lil donut machine. MORE
  17. Re: so because i didnt use the gay trendy excuse of adding 2011 in my thread title umm, to answer the op's question: no, that shit is not thread worthy and neither is this one.. this thread only has one of the elements needed to be a success. TITS.. next time add more arrowz, owls and hip hop quotes... kthx
  18. drinking beer and smoking like a chimney. trying to focus on editing pics for day in pies from yesterday. broke up with my girlfriend and packed all her shit up earlier. she was supposed to move in at the end of the month.. donno how i feel about it....... i do know one thing: i'm getting drunk as FUCK tonight...
  19. started a day in pies this morning. will post up in the next few days... STEELERS SUPER BOWL SUNDAY
  20. chocolate glazed donut flavored coffee. blueberry herbage. interwebs. bout to watch the rest of machete that i missed due to passing out last night..
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