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  1. place order button not working for me.. wtf? did anyone get a confirmation email on their actual email account or any kind of confirmation number.. my internet connection sucks, but i don't wanna place multiple orders or some bullshit...
  2. life's ok for the most part. girl an i could be better. could be more productive. could be looking harder for a job. could, should, would, whatever... only thing that bothers me is debt hanging above my head.. doesn't really affect day to day life, but i know i gotta take care of it someday.. those seriously struggling, keep yer heads up... they say it gets better....
  3. went to this group art show i participate in. project 50/50. basically every couple month they pick something for us to paint and we paint it. this was the one year anniversary show and the object was a skate deck. some heads beard man she looks pissed got hella drunk an murdered someone.. that was the end of my night.. here's a pic of a hawk that was chillen outside my window that morning i forgot to post earlier.
  4. my saterday the essentials black n yellow black n yellow black n yellow simple man, simple breakfast feed these guys she's ready to go out get to the chill spot to watch the game ate pissed, saw these guys had been there my girl snuck a pic of me..... nah, this guy kept stare'n at my girls tits trying to be sneaky about it. tense times STEELERS WIN! too busy high five'n an do'n shots to take pics. leave that spot. seen these fuck'n guys had been there. MORE
  5. whoah.. i just spent 30 mins reading 8 pages of this thread.. and i still do have a clue about wtf's going on..
  6. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** really good posts everyone. must spread rep for smxxl an squirrel.. really gonna try to get mine in on time...
  7. wake n bake'n. interweb'n. thinking as soon as i'm done with this coffee, i'm crack'n a beer. get'n geeked about the game at 4:30. black n yellow black n yellow black n yellow
  8. drunk. blazed. girlface mess'n w the turntables. ch.0.
  9. http://likabledisaster.wordpress.com/ a "blog" that i use for uploading pics.... any feedback/crits/props appreciated... (i know yinz aren't a fan of boarders, so please ignore em.)
  10. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** props doodle.. nice contribution....
  11. watched and shared with the gf.. ordering one for myself and having girlfacekiller buy me a shirt as well.. inrtweb to real life support.
  12. not buying into new bablonian bullshit. bi-polar gemini for life..
  13. topfloorbasement


    i donno, my girl got em for me for christmas..
  14. it's funny/cool that heads know about dude.. this video was mostly filmed a few blocks from my spot and an ex of mine is in all up in it... mac miller - knock knock notsuprisedoner.. the homie yinz n'at also has a painting of his in this vid: mac miller - senior skip day
  15. listening to my man SELECTA spin hip hop classics on the radio till 4am: you can be too... peep link: http://www.wyep.org/listen/
  16. serket - tko, msk, cod? really? dude's got skills, but them crews.. wow.
  17. painting a skate deck for a group art show. 50+ artists 50+ decks painted. drinking pabst tall cans as pre usual. wishing i had some herb. vast air on the table spinning.
  18. topfloorbasement


    recently aquired: best slippers ever an these.
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