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  1. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** aight.. i'll post a new list this afternoon.. unless that slacker ass slacker yinz n'ats wants to finish up his list?
  2. -waiting on girlface to show up with my sweet 'stache for my costume tonight. -i'm going as this guy. -pre ma fuck'n game'n. when we get to the party (of a bunch of her friends i've never met), i'm gonna pull the "oh shit, i didn't know this was a holloween party, i'm just in town from NY".. i really hope i offend someone tonight...
  3. def looks like a dope trip.. too bad i can only see like half the pics on the last page, but proppages.
  4. delivered after my pizza.. -prob just chillen tonight. sketching or whatever. -might walk accross the street to the bar for a shot or two later.
  5. -just ordered a pizza. -trying to decide what to do tonight.
  6. -a little drunk n high.. -still drinking and smoking. -thinking my king size bed, nice warm electric blankets and sleeping nekid girl are calling my name..... ehh, maybe another round befor smash'n n crash'n..
  7. "i'm the head of the motha fuck'n states, nigga" i laughed pretty hard..
  8. i'd have to do some serious left-over clean out befor i'd share a pic of my fridge. here's a list for you to vizualize: bottom shelf - case of pabst and a bunch of vegitables. middle shlves - take out and delivery leftovers and condiments. top shelf - more left overs, milk, sammich meats n cheeses.
  9. "stop fucking around and be a man" nas - the genesis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3TWPCplqkI from: wildstyle - 1:08
  10. -just walked the de o gee. -cracked first beer of the night. -packing up the greeneries. -think my girl wants me to go holloween costume shopping with her in a little bit. [insertloudfartnoise]
  11. -still up drinking. most likely because i didn't get outta bed till 5pm when girlface came home from work. /nocternalashelloner
  12. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** ok, i know my last post was shit-tastic and lazy, but i didn't mean to kill this thread.. what's up with a new list? or the rest of this one?
  13. really good thread idea. great first post to start it off mayormenino. all i can pretty much do is co-sign what everyone else is saying. props.
  14. i moving moving back back to cali cali...
  15. -smoking a cig. -interweb'n n watching some movie.
  16. art, like life, repeats itself.. kinda. /endthread.
  17. -counters/table tops cleaned. aka kit. & bath counters + 2 high tops and desks. -recyclable cans n shit bagged. -living room organized... kinda. -studio straightened.... kinda -bedroom still a mess.. -8 or 9th tall boy pabst of the night. -it"s about grren o'clock. -bad reigion "how could hell be any worse".
  18. -just got back from fetching some crunk sushi. -consuming said sushi. -bout to do some cleaning -pabst n herbs is a 24/7 thing, i prob shouldn't even mention shit anymore.
  19. -annoying my girl by repeating "i'm Pat Toomy, and i approve this message". -wheel of tuna on TV.
  20. -wake n bake'n after only sleeping for like four hours. -thinking i may need some chocolate milk in my life real soon... maybe orange juice as well.. -thinking about the shit i should get done today. -watching "lets make a deal" on my non-cable TV.
  21. topfloorbasement


    played Ready 2 Rumble on my 64 for about an hour tonight outta pure bordom. new game systems have too many buttons and are complicated as hell.. gimme a direction pad and a "A" and a "B" button and i'm god..
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