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  1. that's pretty much my phone, 'cept mine has mad scratches and an add on rubber grip.. shit's works great, is small, and is covenient to text on... i said fuck having the interwebs in my pocket when i can get them for free at home, office, an cafes...
  2. my boy jameson.. waiting for dinner shots from the table.. (may post mor in frieghts thread or pixburgh) three river stillers stadium. bastards pulled us over for speeding.. (cop ass haircuts! you could tell these fuckers were cops if they were wearinging clown costums) haha PNC park. point state park under construction = lame.. outta there.. my other boy. DANGER.. FIN
  3. i like the style of yer photos trop-legit-a-stopper... cop look'n glasses. if they're on it's biznass time. irahn shitty. locks locks open. kennywood. kinda blurry sand castle water park. da burgh.. MORE
  4. on a side note, it's so fuck'n hot today, i'm rock'n a wet dish towel on my head.. corners tucked behind my ears, doo rag stlye.. haha how's that make ya feel?
  5. this thread has reminded me i'm about due for a new fitted an matching kicks... fuckhatersdoyaownthingandi'lldomine..
  6. HB suki suki.. i expect to see many pics of this epic day..
  7. nah jkob, colorado to pittsburgh.. -fuck'n around with a photoshop tutorial. -just killed my last beer.. -bout get outta this hot ass living room an pass out in the air conditioned bedrrom.. -hmm, thinking i should set up a table in my bedroom so i can be air conditioned and fuck around on the computer...
  8. someone bring me some ben n jerrys now.. kthxbye.
  9. fitted hats is serious biznass.. this is what i've learned from this thread.. heads always disagree an talk shit in threads like these...
  10. good stuff rolf!! thanks for the entertainment...
  11. -watching pinapple express for the millionth time.. shits still funny.. -drinking a corona. -just unpacked hella fucking ribs, wings, corn on the cobb, potatoe salad and tons of other left over foodz from yesterday.. -wishing i had some trees so i could completly zone out..
  12. i rock this hat 90% of the time.. 7 3/8's, ears tucked, brim slightly flipped up.. if it ain't that hat, it's one of these.. a little oversized, ears tucked, flat brim.. fuck that redneck curved brim bullshit, go watch some nascar ya herbs.. mystyles>yourstyle
  13. good couple pages.. i took a bunch o flicks over the weekend i'll post up tomorrow..
  14. "motha fuck'n birds need to go back to their little tree and shut the fuck up". hahahahahaha
  15. tonight: Out for drinks with girlie an her friends.. sat: on a boat mafuckas get'n drunk during the day.. dive bar afterwards sun: either lowkey rooftop party at my spot or a huge barge party on the river with a 50/50 splite of people i wanna see an most likely my club of haters..
  16. -already buzzed off the beers n whiskey i started drinking at 3:30pm. -watching my girl passed out on the couch, bout to move her to the king sized bed n air conditioned bedroom. -think i'ma go check out my homies spinning funk n soul at the dive spot n have a jameson or three...
  17. at first i was like "hahaha" then i was like "c'mon son"... shit got old real real quick... my 2 cents n that's it...
  18. i don't know any canadians or anything about poutine... but i endorse getting drunk whenever for whatever...
  19. an a few days later. fire up da grill mmm steaks. beer of choice. 'rogies. girlie was not impressed with steakface... relax n eat.. FIN
  20. aight, i'ma post a couple days of crap.. gross habit. mess'n rahn. start a project. walking down these is much more fun than walking up em.. mission accomplished. failed smoke sesh, but good convo anyway.. next day art seat show. ok mr. potatoe head.. wtf? i fucking hate crowds.. wait'n to piss. blurry.. dude prolly doesn't want his face on blast anyways.. went to a roller jam afterwards. couldn't get a good shot but whatevers. dope vintage honda outside.. dude said he only paid like $500. lucky bastard.. sleep ensued..
  21. -wake n bake. -chocolate glazed donought coffee. -what the fuck to do today??
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