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  1. nice nightmareonelmstreet.. i'd be smuggling mad beer out with me every night if i had that job... haha gotcha, because you are cool and ride a motorcycle or mc as the cool kids say, you can only hand off your camera and say "here, take a shitty picture of me and (insert "cool" person name here)... wtf ever.. start a thread call "me posing with people i think are cool" an post that garbage there.. an you called me pickle tits... hahahahahaha.. here's a day from last week.. (take notes triplesuplex). fire escape shadows made it look 3d... or maybe i was just lifted.. (and no, i wasn't on a motorcycle when i took this shot if you were wondering) cool candle holder in a shop i stopped in with my girl. (no motorcycle) went to the boat.. (no mc, as the "cool" kids say) smoked some good good while driving. (no mc) went swimming. (without the motorcycle) just to show you, YES, i am style'n on you triplesuplex..
  2. -sitting at the office "working". -sip'n some arizona green tea. -listening to some 1950's classics.. -wishing my boss would take off soon so i can blaze.
  3. "poo butt" what are you, 12 years old.. nothing i said had anything to do with "feelings".. i post up in this thread all the time, sweetheart, and it's always more than 2 shitty pictures of my ugly face.. anyways.. someone please post up and show this retard how it's done...
  4. i spelled it wrong didn't i? haahaha.. *face palm*.... sorry...
  5. that was a pretty lame post TripleSuplex... just face it... come correct next time with a few more pics.. no hate'n, jus say'n..... BTW.. this page fails.. lets forever forget this page existed......
  6. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i'm slack'n too.. 1. needs to be RECYCLED.. 2. BILLBOARD - cheesy peek'n over the trees. 3. NATURAL - flying rats bathing. 4. i tried to take a long exposure shot of a bike wheel "spin"ing, but it turned out like shat.. so i failed on this one.... 5. ESSENTIAL - what's in my pockets 99% of the time.. on a good book.... 6. ICED OUT - old jewlery.. 7. RUST 8. HOT MESS - woulda been... 9. FREE - i donno, but these "magazines" are free.. also paper... 10. PUNK - i did give her some change... crusty ass punk... 11. PAPER - office is a mess.. 12. ROBOT i failed at the bonus shots...
  7. hmmm, i'm moving to san fran in january.. my girl, who's moving with me owns a dog already, an i wanted to buy one once i got there.. i donno, but the ability to get a medical green card and grow up to six plants legally, out weighs the ability to buy a new doggy... still moving, don't know how this law could possibly be constitutional... right to bear arms... errr dogs... haha
  8. almost bought the all black joint last winter while i was in DC..
  9. -just booked a king size suite with balcony in DC for my sisters wedding this weekend. -chugging my 3rd beer in like 45mins befor taking a walk to get my last pic for the photohunt thread. -smoking last cig in the pack, gotta buy another as soon as i walk out the door. -tryna get this done befor it rains...
  10. topfloorbasement


    kinda wishing i wasn't eating a bowl of cereal while reading this page. maybe try cleaning that vag, VAG... or maybe try fabreeze.. heard that shit kills oders like "whaat"..
  11. -cereals sound hella good.. *making big bowl of frosted flakes*
  12. scrolled first page.. not read'n the rest.. this thread equals mega gehy.. -lets brag / talk about wangs... no thanks.. thought i was gonna read lolz.., did not... oh, an my wang is extra small.. no girls ever like me....
  13. ^hahaha.. -drank'n some pabst.. -finishing up the last of the herbs.. -editing .raw pics in photoshopage..
  14. just got these for 39.99 to match the fitted.. -see fittes hats thread.. hahaha-
  15. just got these kicks to match the OG fitted.... haters go'n hate. i'ma keep style'n on 'em.. hahaha.. play'n.. this threads funny...
  16. -smoke'n herbs. -watching a documentary on asian woman sales. -tryna figure out what to get into today..
  17. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** you must spread rep befor giving it to smdoublexl again. NICE!! i should be up tomorrow..
  18. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** just a reminder for heads who are contributing that the due dates monday so get yer lists finished up this weekend.. werd.
  19. -jus got back from grab'n some al green.. lifted.. -mad i'm almost done with my last beer. -getting paid $25hr right now revisiing some apartment layouts.. -interweb'n. -drawling.. -bout to sneak attack my girl who's passed out in the bedroom wif da seckss..
  20. -"working" at the office for the first time in like 6 months. it's cool tho as their paying me $25 an hour. $200 bucks a day to draw an interweb ain't too shabby in my book. -waiting for my girl to get here so we can go swimming on the boat an drank beers.. -enjoying the A/C for now..
  21. looks like a good trip.. aside from all the mcdonalds...
  22. delivered with the pics!! propperz suki... (whenever i read sukisukinow, i say it in my head like bill says sookie in true blood.. i don't know why..)
  23. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** bumpity.. an i got about half as well.. got ideas for the other half, just gotta do some walk'n around..
  24. i wear plain tees, naturally fucked up jeans (usually the same ones all day every day or some clean khakis), an decent non-flashy fitteds and matching sneaks, clizclean. i ain't tryna "floss" or look like "money", but i do like matching, an lookin "fly"; accrding to my girl an other girlss... not everyone wants to look like a "scrub" or "blend in with every crowd".. eease off killer.... you do you, let peeps do them... souls of mischief - live an let live..... "whatever catagory i fall in, i make the catagory look GOOD"... evidence, dialated peoples don't be mad cuz heads is style'n on you... hahahaha.... jus play'n mang.....
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