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  1. -sitting at the office "working". -sip'n some iced coffee.. -wishing i was still in bed...
  2. i'm out doggie... don'y know her, don't care too. but, there is a difference.. not tryna insult you or whatever man.... sorry u mad holmes..
  3. tru... good "pricey" shit, i don't roll... unless other heads are throwing dahn... otherwise, it's in the glass piece...
  4. it's funny that every thread "vaj" or "vag" (i can't remember the spelling) starts, is mad pages deep asap... mother fuckers ride'n her dick.. (or va jay jay) real real hard, always it seems)..
  5. painted flat black classic cars... yea, i'ma own one real soon...
  6. -maybe get'n some head. -coffee an cigs all day erry day.. usually ain't hungry in the morn anyways...
  7. adding tobacco to good herbs is stupid... PERIOD... you're paying for taste and quality.. why fuck it up with tobacco taste????? mids an swage, if you poor an tryna conserve, sure, why not add a lil tobacco to help it last longer... jus say'n.. i pay that extra for flavor and quality..
  8. if tryna scheme - self check out forever.. oops, i accidentially the whole thing, 99 cent cans instead of rusto or krylon.. but, my general opinion is the big company is trying to replace some retard with a computer.. what's that retard supposed to do for work now??? i support everyone needs a job.. fuck a computer doing what a human was put on this earth to do... support your local retard having a job...... /mytwocents
  9. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** def a good job on that post smxx!
  10. -trying to get some cleaning/organizing done around the apartment. -drinking a beer. -interweb'n.. watching 12ozProphet Shop follow me..
  11. i'm def not attracted to "thick" girls.. like 'em thin with nice bootys.. tit tays are fun, but i don't really care what size they are as long as they're there and at least proportionat(sp) to the girls body aka some decent cleavage..
  12. -brew'n coffee in my 12th floor king size deluxe hotel room. -just smacked my head off the ceiling real hard trying to play around play'n with my girl..
  13. i know dude.. an i hate the store as well.. i bought like 40 shirts from a girl who was giving up on the t-shirt screen printing game last winter.. i think i paid like $3 a shirt or something.. made a bunch of screen prints for friends and family and kept the rest... i'd never pay full price for these american apperal shirts, but they are about the most comfertable shirts i've ever worn..
  14. -at the office. -waiting for the boss to get back so i can hit him up for some extra cash for the weekend. -bouncing as soon as he pays me..
  15. wearing one right now.. it's american apparel too.. this shirt is mad comfertable.. i have three of them.. dontcareifyouthinkimahipsteroner
  16. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** texting yinz n'at now.. i don't care who makes it, but let's get the ball rolling again. this ish is fun... ok, yeah, yinz n'at is dahn with jbrshmonster make'n the new list. if ya wanna man? ALSO, EVERYONES PICS WERE DEEOPE! thanks for contributing.. tell a friend.. hahaha
  17. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** almost took this same pic... good posts by everyone so far..
  18. nice post brewster baker haha.. ok.. stan51 don't have no matching kicks n hats... wasn't tryna have a "coolness" contest.. was simply stateing dudes post was lame.. "here, lemme pose with you.. and then you" an that was his "day in pics".. whatever man.. at least i posted some new pics.. sorry you're too cool for this thread anymore... i'll shut the fuck up, an just post pics whenever i got em instead of call'n wack posts out.. altho it was a lame ass excuse for a post.. cornyniggaovernout.peace
  19. hahahaha... i was on my own deck, soo i wasn't too concerned about what i looked like..
  20. i'm laugh'n harder gangster.... i ain't mad yer a lame and post lame pics of your lame self... keep do'n yer thang mr. bad ass government worker.. post some better pics son... that's all i'm say'n an have been say'n...
  21. knockoffs for 69.99 at airjordanclub.com..
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