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  1. -just waking up.. -coffees -gotta get crack'n on a painting on a bike seat for this group art show this weekend.. 50 artist painting 50 bike seats = lots of diff styles..
  2. if there was a "friendly's" around or if i had even ever heard of one, i'd try that ish.. burger between two cheese samiches, can't be too bad...
  3. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** that's messed up.. i was just trying to play with the big kids... sorry...
  4. -apparently putting an end to the 2010 photohunt thread.. -drankin brews. -waiting for the bedroom to cool off cuz i just turned on the air conditioner so girl an i can, uhhh, go to sleep.. yea, thats it....
  5. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** ummm, did i kill it? wtf??
  6. i think you ment a laager.. hahaha.. jus say'n.. what about a waterr ice?? Cus, philly to mexico city's gonna be a huge change.. i'm considering cali, but mexico would be hella cheaper and possibly way cooler.. good luck.. now back to reading the rest of this thread..
  7. i was sleep'n so i didn't feel shit.. have heard from others in pixburgh that they felt it... weird tho....
  8. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** so where's everyones pics?
  9. -just finished my vanilla iced coffee. -waiting on girlie to come over with da beers.. -interweb'n..
  10. one time, my boy froze a cockroach an brought him back to life! the only thing he said about it was that the roach was never dead...... nah... my friend an i heard a racoon and his cat fighting outside one night.. we walked out and after some searching, found his cats bloody body mess.. about five feet away was it's head.. was a pretty gnarly sight for being like 7.... prob not the illest shit i've seen, but was the first thing that came to mind...
  11. -listening to hangar 18. -pabst. -downlowding musics.
  12. i'd rather be sweat'n my ball's off than shivering cold any day all day... gimme a cold brew, a fan, an lemme chill in my boxers all day an it's all good.. plus, as stated, girls in minumum clothing!!! wtf is wrong with the heads saying they don't like summer? i'm guessing they're gay or are retarded... the only thing i like about winter is the gear...
  13. -trying to check shit off my "to do" list.. -drinking brews.. -generally slacking off and not getting shit done..
  14. RIP stan51dayinpiesposts... play'n.. good luck with yer ish...
  15. befor columbus, stop thru the burgh an eat a primantis sandwich.. double yoi....
  16. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** werd up IOU.. here's a bonus bonus pic: 3 in 1: accumulation, bowtie, pervact. (i should state that this shrine was at my girls dads house... hahaha)
  17. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** aight, i'll start this.... 1. smoke 2. accumulation 3. protest... ? 4. steeple 5. rainbow 6. dinosaur 7. bottle 8. obstruction... obstruction on the obstruction sign stating that there's an obstruction on the road ahead.. 9. romance.. 10. books.. also see #2. accumulation of matchBOOKS 11. pirate.. us pittsburgh heads have an unfair advantage on this one. 12. priceless.. shit's all solid gold! fer real, it's not just gold metalic krylon painted trash i swear... ha BONUS SHOTS: bowtie. on mr. lincoln.. pervact #1 (sp) pervact #2. hahaa
  18. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** so any one else posting up in meah today? gonna finish uploading then post in a minute..
  19. -wake n bake'n. -sip'n chocolate glazed doughnut flavored coffee.. -thinking today looks like a good day to lounge around the pool..
  20. ^damn, that sucks... x that bitch out, aquire strange.. http://www.wyep.org/listen/ dudes drop'n some dope shit... or at least is pretty often... hahaa
  21. i've never really had problems with geting girls, except most of em end up being super fucking crazy.. white, asian, black and all kinda mixes... i'm really more concerned about where her head and hearts at, than the color of her skin.. jus say'n... have been with my current girl for like 4 months, but have known her for like 6 or 7 years.. for the first time in a long time i'm catch'n hella feelings... feels good.... Boats n Hoes: hope ya had fun an found some strange. Triple: good luck with counsaling. Fat Ralphy: sounds like a good girl man.. keep her around ya know...
  22. -just tuned into this: http://www.wyep.org/listen/. my boy spin'n some ish.. -drank'n brew. -waiting for girl to get her ars over here.. -uploading/editing some pics..
  23. -waiting for girl to get here so we can start this True Blood marathon.. -getting hai n drank'n brews as always.. -geeked cuz her "visitor" finally left for the month.. haha
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