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  1. also, still wanting some of those mcdonald chicken nuggets... it's been years...
  2. killing this case o beer. mad my $$$ wasn't deposited at midnight like it was supposed to. hella full off the steak n cheese i grabbed an hour ago.
  3. roof over my head. family/friends. lil bit of spending money. beer, weed, cigs, food. (in that order)
  4. haven't done any acting, but have done some modeling and did not enjoy it much.... 'cept for getting to chill/get to be friends with/smash a few model biznatches... and what you just described: "the scene took place in a tough bar where everone was tatted and smoked a lot. i spent hours straight smoking and havin some drinks" sounds like a typical night to me BRO.. get paid mang..
  5. NICE.. i had scrolled past that little bit of info too.. should be get'n mine tomorrow.. GEEKED.
  6. drinking my "morning" coffee. kinda wanting a 20 piece chicken nugget from crapdonalds after seeing the add so many times. waiting on getting paid at midnight.
  7. "mmm haah" gotta give props to myron.... POS is too busy crying to respond..
  8. uh huh, you now what it is.... brack n rellow brack n rellow brack n rellow...
  9. geeked about the stillerz game. time to start drank'n...
  10. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD** i've failed once again.. gonna get this next one, honestly. nice list r1char..
  11. drinking by myself on this 2 degree ass night. listening to: think i'm gonna try n clean my studio.
  12. ^ too f'n funny.. sneeze/cough more boogies on dudes lame slipperz.
  13. anyone else having trouble ordering. download: google chrome http://www.google.com/chrome/intl/en/landing_chrome.html?hl=en or firefox. http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ all ordrering problems solved... i think...
  14. order placed. i'm a dumbass and just needed chrome. thanks for the help. always like get'n good ish in the mail aka will be looking forward to mon or tues.
  15. ok.. thanks.. downloading "chrome" now.... i'll let you know if i've actually placed 1000 order using IE... guess that what i get for slacking with updating shit... the shirts look dope. can't wait to own one or two.. (hopes girlface is ordering one for me now as well)
  16. nah, internet explorer whatever.. vista version... bout to lose my consumeristic erges..
  17. bout to punch the computer over this checkout button not working for me...
  18. WTF.. i don't get it and can't afford multiple orders...
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