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  1. No, heck no, but truth be told I don’t think I can hang with NOES anyway.
  2. Don’t roast me for the egg. Spinach, tomato, mozza, s&p.
  3. Speaking of rap beef, does anybody remember that huge thread we had back in the day dissecting the Jay Z / Nas beef? I think it was Seeking who started it.
  4. I made a grilled cheese last night with mozz and a fried egg, but before I put the sammy in to toast I sprinkled the pan with some flaky salt in the melted butter. It slapped. I did not get a picture but rest assured, slapped.
  5. About to watch the No Doubt set on the Coachella stream.
  6. Boomers complaining nobody wants to work but those motherfuckers won't retire!
  7. 3 Body Problem and Shogun are 2 of the best series I’ve seen in a while. Watched first episode of Fallout and it was good too. Watching the Champions League semi final matches today.
  8. If you have an air fryer at home those crispy tofu bites are super easy to reproduce.
  9. My wife was just visiting in the UK @Media One and she brought me home this pint glass thought you may appreciate
  10. That’s a rad collection @blood fart I’m going to get Tony to tattoo my thigh and will probably ask him for one of his signature wizards or something funkier like a Baku if he’s into it
  11. Top one is just mozzarella & basil
  12. Google Kenji serious eats NY pizza crust and you should find the same one I use
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