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Everything posted by Schnitzel

  1. He loves those two songs it was pretty cool by all reports. Crowd all went bonkers and had a load of fun.
  2. My son went to see the proclaimers last weekend and they did just that.
  3. @T4M* ended the day right from looks of things.
  4. Think just an Australian Hornet - I was concerned it might be a murder hornet so I did some googling about it. Crazy because I've never seen them before and then i see two in about two weeks
  5. heard some yelling from pool area yesterday from my kids. found another one. fighting with a big old huntsman spider. stung it and paralysed it. dragging it off to meets it's doom. better shot because it was a bit busy. before it kept putting ol' spidey down to face me. Poor Hunty the spider gonna have eggs laid inside him. Then the hornet babies will eat him from inside to build strength mother nature is a cruel mistress
  6. Can't find issue 1 sadly but I have it somewhere. True Colorz from Amsterdam way
  7. i'd totally skinnydip but the dudes on the building site would see
  8. Would buy one but no shipping to Australia sadly.
  9. ^^Sure he's out there somewhere. Think this mag came from Bill's Wheels skateshop maybe? I know the first issue was called Huffer but they changed it because Mike Giant had zine out called Huffer
  10. ON THE RUN there are the specials -Seen,Jepsy and Bates and then the books later but the Original mags looked like this. they were so dope and you could write to get copies of pics for 1DM each
  11. Ask and you shall receive. Flashbacks magazine. I'm not sure it's a full set maybe something at the bottom is missing if anybody knows let me know.
  12. @Joker not sure what other threads you frequent but I thought you might get a kick out of this. The hype Vault mag from about 10 years back had a double page spread that might be yours.
  13. some vintage Perth stuff from the depths of the zine collection
  14. went through the mags yesterday- at least I went through the mags I have in crates in my shed. My "premium" ( read stupidly pricey or old) zines I keep inside. took photos of all of them to help me find doubles this photo is only halfway through first of 2.5 boxes jesus tittyfucking christ I need to get a job and life.
  15. plus this jam. generally gets a play on most family road trips
  16. I thought so but apparently they are more related to Nightjars (whatever that means)
  17. not a clue but I'll have a hunt all else fails I'll snap some pi9cs on phone for you!
  18. Nice to see the promiside. I got a traded pic 30 years back but there's corrugated iron over the windows/ top of piece. Is that now wholecar the original because it got redone recently didn't it?
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