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  1. true - All quiet on the Western front TPBM wants to immerse themselves in cool refreshing seawater to clear the mind.
  2. Would never buy it nowadays but in highschool it was the shit to go on a date with a girl and treat her to the $5.00 dessert bar. Simpler times I guess.
  3. trye having nit rammed home with every failed job application TPBM has bought into the hype of a "side hustle" before with no success.
  4. aruba jamaica oo i wanna take ya...
  5. Jordan Mailata of the Eagles used to play for Rabbitohs would you believe?
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2023/feb/13/david-jolicoeur-founding-member-of-de-la-soul-dies-aged-54 not a new act but a chunk of very bad news .
  7. damn the game has taken a turn!!
  8. false - play lotto sometimes but no sports betting TPBM has painted /bombed this week.
  9. false but a fridge full of garage beers TPBM would frequent a bikini carwash and not feel the slightest bit awkward
  10. obviously his diabeetus isn't slowing him down
  11. OH shit i didn't read that properly doiubly run to the hills. but that girl in the photo would be a total smash
  12. reached peak unemployment. watching the Superbowl at midday on a monday in australia.
  13. true - but any new threads are good in here. TPBM will confess they pretended to like a norah jones song to get laid in the 00's
  14. they'd be pretty horrible pizzas but the price can't be beaten. dominos would probably do it for $20 (aging daytime hooker of the pizza business)
  15. if my mother in law did that I'd run screaming to the hills.
  16. Australian show quite good but after a great start on the boobs per episode it's calmed down now.
  17. wow big flashback there thanks for posting @LUGR peter jackson before he made all the lord of the rings malarkey
  18. the last dine in Pizza hut in my city closed down 9 june last year. people were going mad booking it to claim it was part of their history.... motherfucker if it was part of your history it wouldn't have closed down....
  19. Eagles based on the highly scientific "Jazzy Jeff's per 100,000 people" ratio. Though with the best "Don Cheadles per 100,000 people" Kansas city looks like it will be no pushover.... eagles because I like Philly tags
  20. I was a terrible manager. I really tried to be good but it just didn't sit right with me. but a lot of the time if my team didn't communicate I stupidly didn't ask. and I wasn't good enough at delegating work.
  21. TPR piecing Bondi in first week of first Gulf war in 1991 Hugely influential day for me as a grommet ( was there watching) some guy has pulled up a lot of these pics from getty images
  22. 1. Going to get the necessary checks to volunteer at Foodbank SA (would only take about 24hrs all up) DONE 2. review my addiction to fucking instagram and streaming services WORK IN PROGRESS BUT DEFINITELY IMPROVING (subscribed to an App called Opal that physically locks them during times you set) 3. rebuild my relationship with my kids a bit. (Life at home is fucking exhausting with all the constant fighting) SLOWLY SLOWLY 4. try to catch one tag per day ONLY 41 TAGS BEHIND 5. if there's time left over a few more fucking pieces. ( ideally a character on each one to spice up my albums) HAHAHAHAHA!!!
  23. German toilets^^ not sure why they feel the need to be able to take a good long look at their turds before commending them to the deep.
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