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  1. maybe I should get a squad of goats and tour the winefields clearing undergrowth. assuming goat poop is pretty beneficial for the ground. release of nitrogen and whatnot.
  2. Score!!!! Would be better for flat sided boxcars but still!
  3. something about the hard pallets in their mouths isn't it? they like to chew on things more than grass?? My father in Law's goat used to straight up murder saltbush and branches off the tree.
  4. think i've been here too long because I can only think of one thing the acronym below stands for.
  5. Creator of Calvin and Hobbes has a new project coming out. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2023/feb/22/calvin-hobbes-bill-watterson-the-mysteries-new-book
  6. going to google a bronx tale. She is super frail and her grandkids are now too big to come round after school. Hubby died like 20 years back. (,my dog always loses it because she looks like an extra from the walking dead shuffling over the road She has the best fucking orchard in the backyard One of those typical postwar generation of european refugees that came here for the manufacturing jobs. She has all manner of citrus, peaches, figs, apples, passionfruit and sometimes brings over vast quantities of stuff. it's kind of a shame because when she dies whoever buys it wont take care of the 50 year old fruit trees. They'll just dig them for the space.
  7. @nicklesndimes Australian Hornet - dont think the sting is too bad but his "playing dead" game was fucking on point.
  8. picked this fella out of the pool filter. figured it was dead as fuck because ants attacked as soon as i finished photos. BCF is like Bass pro shops (minus the pyramid) took him into the house put him in a container to show kids after school. few hours later realise he is definitely not dead plus made peach cobbler - my elderley italian neighbour keeps giving us bags of peaches
  9. tried gave up. the road was fine knocked that off in two hours All the pretty horses was a total slog. will not try a third.
  10. awesome. I have never yet caught a blue swimmer just crappy luck on the two times I've been out.
  11. i'm listening to this currently Interesting stuff - only 2.5 hours in.
  12. hope this works about 20 seconds from the minute footage I took. Pretty stupid but near the end I reached out and touched it's tail which made it skedaddle away. Clips23-02-20_02-01.MP4
  13. since I didn't have much on took my snorkel mask thing to the beach to try take some photos. when i walked the dog there earlier the water was like glass but by time I got back wind had come up meaning water was pretty cloudy with sand and bubbles. thought I'd go under the jetty but there was nothing under there except tiny Tommy Ruff so i went a little up the beach and this guy cruised past gotta practice my skills underwater it really doesn't help having a faceplate so you just can't see your screen on the camera
  14. On my bucks night I got taken to a dodgy pub that had strippers but it was realllllllyyyy really low rent. You'd be sitting at the bar with a junkie from werribee flashing her cooch at you on the platform 2ft away.while joan jett is on the jukebox.. Then at certain intervals she'd walk around with a beer jug rattling for change. Was pretty depressing and a relief to go painting after we left.
  15. well that showed me -whoops! And you guys have 50 cent pieces? Crazy because whenever i got change in the US I always got a bunch of quarters though must also have been singles sicne nobody would give away 4 quarters when nthey could give a bill. generally here strippers will get dancer dollars you buy the bucks at the counter 1:1 ratio and shove those in theri g strings. but I havent been to the rippers in years. maybe they have tap and pay now!
  16. you guys need to start using higher value coins in the land of the free. at least a 50 cent piece. I know you have dollar coins no? the wallet be about an inch thick at moment.
  17. dadwalletoner got all them pavers moved to the sounds of people under the stairs... the band not the people.
  18. got a ziploc for the Nickels and Dimes?
  19. Procrastinating about moving a pile of pavers that are being used as fill for a cavity between my shed and my retaining wall holding up the pool. should have moved the pricks on Monday before we did the heatwave but I'm a sucker.. it has to be done today. Only need to move about 80 but they weigh about 15 pounds each. Once all moved I then have to lie on my stomach to wedge them into the spot. booooooooorrrring!!!
  20. Don't jurors on high profile cases get sequestered to prevent this sort of thing?
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