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  1. Judging by the previous posts, this isn't a worksafe link...
  2. BUMPPPPPPPPP And Ese im liking those studio shots alot.
  3. You spelt it better then he did And It's most likely he doesn’t know how to spell it correctley.....
  4. Mainly: Nikon D50 Sometimes Film But no time nor money for that, as much as I would love to do it......
  5. I will consume any food product whilst drunk.
  6. How about you douche bags remember where you are posting........
  7. Harol Hunter: Funeral and Wake. RIP
  8. did you take this photo? it's rad. what city is it? Quoted post yeah. it's sf from chinatown. Quoted post [/b] I know you explained how you did this but....... I also wanna few things, cos this shit is hawt as hell These are all film shots right? so did you just join em up like a jigsaw and glue em to a board or someshit? Iam contemplating going into the city to do something like this for my photography course, but cant really figure out how to really go about it...... Sorry I had to bring this up in a un-related thred, but PM's are lost in the matrix or someshit..
  9. That last one CEK is pritty damn nice Good work I really need to get out more.To much of this looking, not enough doing. But I am pritty struck for time, with school and shit. I will get some shit posted up sooon, hopefullyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  10. Height = 10.8cm Width = 8.89cm Quoted post [/b] Danke sehr
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