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  1. This is some info from http://www.wendi.com. Inductions The induction is what creates relaxation of the body and mind. Relaxation is not hypnosis. Once the body is relaxed the mind can begin to focus on the state necessary to create trance. If you notice your client is moving the arms, hands or fingers, fidgeting a lot, you will need to work on some very active relaxation before inducing deeper states of trance. In most cases I like to start with an eye fixation and closure induction. I let the client make their eyes close as a result of overwhelming heaviness suggest that the m
  2. It involves hypnosis. It's based on the subconcense and how it works. Your mind controls most things from your understanding of colour, linework, smoothness of your hand, the way images connect together, your imagination, your memory. It involves programming your mind to do what you want it to. Here's how. You have 4 different brainwaves which are... Beta. You get these when you are actively doing something, when you're aware. Like looking at Graff. Alpha. When you're thinking. Higher Theta. When you're daydreaming. Lower Theta. When you're daydreaming but
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