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  1. Its honestly begining to put a big damper on my life. And for some reason I just can't stop. A small percentage of you are reasonably competant at life. Say something helpful.
  2. On a side note thanks to whoever changed the title. (Smart I'm guessing). It's much better this way. Also is it really really immature that I like using the term "post world war one machine gun fucking" to describe sexual exploits? It more than likely is. Who cares. RATATATATATATATATAT.
  3. haha, I was at at shitty barely known girl's 21st as well. We could have been at the same place, if it wasn't for the conga line Quoted post [/b] What was her name?
  4. We also were at a nerd party. Some girls 21st who a friend lives with. At the beging of the night her mum took a photo of us and someone said "yeah they look like the most interesting lot here". By the time we got to conga line old people were shaking there heads at us and randoms were going giving us looks like "wtf". It fazed us very little.
  5. There was pizza at the beginning but I'd already eat thai.
  6. Water Rum and Ging Beer Scotch in a tea cup Conga line Beer Chanting of my name for no apparent reason Beer Spray paint in the face Beer Argument Bed.
  7. downsides, can be fucking weird. Heated arguments. Can be prone to punching you or destroying your belongings. But I guess two words will help some of you reconcile those cons .. they are hate and fuck. Now I'll stop my debaucherous little enterance into this dudefest. It's weirding me out more than my sausage throwing lesbian weekend.
  8. Oh and also to contribute to your weird little dudefest. three words, art school girls. Extraverted, creative, like your art, like your "street edge", often have healthy sexual appetites, often have interesting emotional make ups and are indepth enough to be loyal and caring and all that other good shit. Art school girls ladies and gentlemen. I can't emphasise them enough. I can't truely express how thankful I am for there existence. It's like a giant weight has been lifted of my heart just knowing they are out there for the wooing.
  9. not to distract from this weird little dudefest on how to get hot babes. But once upon a time a train I wanted to paint pulled in while I was in some bush's pissing. I had to run with my dick out and in full stream and got spattered a bit. That ruined my life.... Kind of. Now you may resume your weird little dudefest.
  10. some of that stuff is pretty cool ^ got any painted work?
  11. bill my boy. Your sounding in average shape
  12. I can't say I won't see her again. She seems pretty cool. I'll just take it as it comes. Realistically. She's in her mid 20's and seems as if she can definately take care of herself. If I had a little sister who was fully grown like that I don't think I'd stop her from seeing someone I knew unless I was well aware the guys a total jerk. Which i am not. But all this theorizing is for nothing. I'm going back to bed.
  13. ^ haha that's the price you pay for living the life of a lonesome cowboy. I could make some brokeback jokes but I won't.
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