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Blue Collar & Recreational Redneck Youtube Appreciation Thread


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The more I go into rabbit holes on youtube, the more I find myself getting into weird hillbilly shit. Wife always comes in the room and be like "what the fuck are you watching", "Nothing honey this dude is fixing his Caterpillar's hydraulic drive check it out." Anyway, kind of feel like someone who knows how to actually fix shit, drive off road, hunt, fish etc. isn't appreciated by city slickers like myself enough.


That said, if you've got a favorite blue collar youtuber post that shit up.






4 Wheeling & Offroad

ATV - UTV - Snowmobiling

General Hillbillery



Gonna kick this off with my latest fave.




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Tex Grebner Outdoors


a story of online redemption. Was a fat guy who went viral for shooting himself during drills and posting the vid online. 



And is now kinda rocking 





and is getting after It tryna get a piece 










homie went viral for being a fat clown and used that to be a fit YouTube hunting channel. This dudes rocking. 

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@~KRYLON2~I've had about 2 or 3 dozen of those cut nails (Good steel as opposed to iron) for about 20 years now. Needed them for a specific project once, but never got rid of them since considering how much they cost me at the time. Had no idea they were superior for not splitting wood like that when I used them, I just needed them for "historical accuracy" on a gig. One cool thing he didn't mention is how they're 10x tougher than your average nail. If you don't have a powder actuated nail gun, you can just use a cut nail to manually hammer a frame, or piece of wood into concrete no problem.

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