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RIP Nekst


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I grew up on him, jade and vizie in Houston.


I don't know if anyone has it, but the photo of the spot that he and Jade had on the top floor of an abandoned high rise in downtown Houston is one of the first spots that i was ever just baffled that someone got to.


Had a conversation with a friend tonight over dinner about how much this sucks, and how influential he was in our appreciation of graffiti in Houston and around the country.


Rest in peace.


Keep the images coming. Nothing but loving nostalgia.


condolences to the family, friends and crew.

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had some good times with you my dog. one of the most thorough solid fools i ever rode with. thanks for the memories brother.


cant find the ones from after he moved to NYC but thought i'd share these ones i could find. these are from like 05 up in the bay.






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Shot this in 2008, had seen his stuff on the internet but I was so hyped to catch this in person. Such raw style and dedication. Since then I've always loved coming on here and seeing his tags and roadside stompers.




Condolences to all friends and family. He obviously has had a huge impact on the graffiti community globally, the response to this terrible news has been huge and he will never be forgotten.

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i think (hope) the reason so many people keep asking the cause is not out of disrespect but they're curious if the dude passed away while doing work, since he just went that hard at it. he was even talking about dealing with nearby gunshots and some of the other stuff we all deal with in an interview less than 2 months ago - http://1xrun.com/runs/Rolling


he had work in most every city i've been to. that roller he had going into boston, near fenway is still one of the biggest hits i've ever seen. anybody got a flick of that MSK (might have been a spell-out, can't remember) that he did on 684 going into new york? it's still running last i knew.


condolences to everyone effected by his loss. i hope the guy knew the impact he had on the community worldwide while he was still around.








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