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RIP Nekst


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I grew up on him, jade and vizie in Houston.


I don't know if anyone has it, but the photo of the spot that he and Jade had on the top floor of an abandoned high rise in downtown Houston is one of the first spots that i was ever just baffled that someone got to.


Had a conversation with a friend tonight over dinner about how much this sucks, and how influential he was in our appreciation of graffiti in Houston and around the country.


Rest in peace.


Keep the images coming. Nothing but loving nostalgia.


condolences to the family, friends and crew.


i had moved from texas for awhile when they did that and i remember seeing it online then in person when i moved back to houston and was pretty blown away because no one did shit like that in htown

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Man I can believe this is true. Always enjoyed seeing Nekst's stuff from back in the early A2M days. Dude had a solid raw style and painted the best street spots in cities all over. I remember seeing him and Viz in the bay, they killed it in SF. And then they moved on to the next city and did it just as big. He always kept it moving and put in work consistently. Tags, throw ups, pieces, cleans, freights. This guy was well rounded and he set the bar high.


Nekst was the type of writer that we should all aspire to be.


Much respect and my condolences to his family and friends.

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one of the main reasons I started getting into graffiti was the fact that I couldn't wrap my head around how writers would hit certain spots that were so public without getting caught... the curiosity behind that got the best of me and I had to know how it was being done... That being said, Nekst went bigger and badder than anyone in the game. Ridiculous spots, big and bold. I used to love going to Houston and keeping my eyes peeled for new next and vizie tag/throws/burners etc... Luckily I was able to meet Nekst in San Antonio at a Jam and witness his greatness with a can. Dude did a huge rooftop bomb in like 5 minutes. crazy shit. I also heard a ton of stories about how this dude got down for his, not only with the can, but with his fists. Straight up fearless. One hitter quitter knock outs type shit. Just added to the myth and legend that was Nekst... #rip dude, mad respect...

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I been a fan of his from the a2m days. I enjoyed seeing his freights roll in, in my neck of the woods. then I began to see how raw the dude can get when he set foot in the bay. thats when i gave the guy my total respect..

the graff world has truely lost a significant member. my condolences to his imidiate family aswell as his crew families. REST IN PAINT NEKST!!!!!

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