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  1. haha. magic garden for sure. there's a kinda cool old school arcade spot (with cheap beers) about a block or two away from there. even if you're not in to that i'd say its worth checking out. if you're feelin crusty i'd head over to a spot called the yamhill pub (also downtown). super cheap beers and worth a look. very portland.
  2. THIS is how you play the game.
  3. so i've finally made the move to stop drinking for at least a month. its been a little over a week now and its been a mix of good and bad. the good: never being hungover, barely smoking any cigarettes now, sleeping better, working out more, getting more + quality work done, saving a ton of money, eating better. the bad: going out less. gets boring. seems like "going out drinking" really scratches and itch in some way shape or form and i haven't found a way to cure that yet. any ideas/input? right on to all you in here. i've been lurking this thread for quite a while and when i dropped a small "situation report" a few months back your responses (though they weren't what i had hoped to hear at the time) did wake me up to some facts regarding the way i handle things. its nice to have this spot to hear people speak.
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