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  1. Keep and Listo (that ' K ' fuuuuk!!!) <fixed> keeps a beast and listo has sick hands
  2. driving to the eastbay and seing how rocked the freeways are gets me hella hyped.
  3. I been a fan of his from the a2m days. I enjoyed seeing his freights roll in, in my neck of the woods. then I began to see how raw the dude can get when he set foot in the bay. thats when i gave the guy my total respect.. the graff world has truely lost a significant member. my condolences to his imidiate family aswell as his crew families. REST IN PAINT NEKST!!!!!
  4. that was sick!!! you bring me back to my days in high school
  5. Dope pics! makes me miss the times when writers had their own styles and when crews had originality. now a days everything looks wack and too blantantly copied.. rip mid-nineties
  6. i was like okay, cool, some sidewways shit! then bamm you get hit with some naked albino at the bottom of the picture haha wtf!
  7. satyr! that searius truck! tase and siar sticker in texas! cirv in buenos aries! mad props
  8. nice quote!:cool: those setup, rime, and onetime's flicks!!! kcw
  9. hahaha i like that one! bates definitely keeps many away
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