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  1. surprised the strip itself doesnt get hit up more... especially with all the wood walls near construction... but i guess theres cameras everywhere there too...
  2. zimmerman should have never followed him after the 411 guy told him not to, and if he was going to follow him, he shouldnt have ever been close enough to get his ass whoop. i think trayvon was whooping his ass once confronted, and then thats when Zimmerman shot him. could have been avoided. should have been guilty.
  3. one of the main reasons I started getting into graffiti was the fact that I couldn't wrap my head around how writers would hit certain spots that were so public without getting caught... the curiosity behind that got the best of me and I had to know how it was being done... That being said, Nekst went bigger and badder than anyone in the game. Ridiculous spots, big and bold. I used to love going to Houston and keeping my eyes peeled for new next and vizie tag/throws/burners etc... Luckily I was able to meet Nekst in San Antonio at a Jam and witness his greatness with a can. Dude did a huge rooftop bomb in like 5 minutes. crazy shit. I also heard a ton of stories about how this dude got down for his, not only with the can, but with his fists. Straight up fearless. One hitter quitter knock outs type shit. Just added to the myth and legend that was Nekst... #rip dude, mad respect...
  4. devastating news.... #rip #kingnekst htown's finest... lucky to have met him once or twice and seen him in action... prayers go out to his fam and friends alike, as well as his crew mates...
  5. whats up with revok1.com? anyone else getting the virus warning bs?
  6. Any of you guys gamble on sports? I use sportsbook.com my bets have been placed for tomorrow's action, who else? Who do you have?
  7. most annoying fucking thing in the world... makes me want to shoot people
  8. the hunger games books were awesome, loved it.
  9. fucking love fucking milfs, they give the best head to. my oldest was like 49 when I was 27. sucked my dick so good my toes popped.
  10. ^^^^ come on team 12oz i know one of yall know.. she got a fat ass
  11. http://www.brazzsex.com/bigboobs/nov11/22hi/pornstarspunishment/videopost.html anyone know this chicks name?
  12. JK mother fuckers. How has everyone been? I haven't been on here in ages. Still ballin, got a house now, going on three years being in it, no repo, truck riding 22's, livin, lovin, fuckin life. hope all is well with the oldschool cats around here. #back2lurkin :lol:
  13. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks anyone know how to find a bigger / higher resolution photo of this :
  14. loving the new work man, keep killing it.
  15. into buying up website domains?
  16. http://www.core77.com/blog/object_culture/felix_vorreiters_handheld_skywriter_17048.asp?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+core77/blog+Core77.coms+design+blog check it out
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