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  1. CarWreck I must spread before i can props u again. Glad you enjoyed the fireside, but I don't see how you can hate the pumking and love this beer. Spice profile seems really similar to me but the fireside is a lot more brown. I've gone through at least 30 sixers of that fireside lately, I'm addicted.
  2. jeremy "worst". the name rings true.
  3. cans reduce the carbon footprint, more easily recycled, take up less space, let in less light, etc. Soon I'm betting most of the beer section will be cans.
  4. I heard Nus was a werecat...
  5. Bump hilarious corny quotes
  6. Backwoods Bastard by Founders is good, but catdangit, that stuff is like 17$ for four 12oz bottles. Founders stuff is really good though. Nobody try that Fireside Chat Yet??? 7.9% and 45 IBUs. A good seasonal dark english ale with spice profile similar to the pumking... sorry Mr.CarWreck that you had to dump your Pumking.
  7. Dude is better than the white, but still a corny shitty voice, and terrible casio beat.
  8. kasper need to quit looking at so much LA graff. Nice Cholo hands.
  9. mad elf is pretty disgusting.
  10. Look at that fucking dicksuck in a carhart vest, what a faggit. Taking real working man's clothes and turning it into some cookie-cutter caricature of graffer. Cool Flannel BRO. Nice glove, kewl fucking tilted brim and smug faggot face. Scumbag. Shitty graff canvases, to boot. Graff canvas been played since the 80s, but fuck it. The 80's are super hip these days, right? FuUCk. FUCK
  11. Mr.CarWreck, super sorry to hear that you didn't like the Pumking... maybe your bottle was skunked. I would still recommend the Fireside Chat by 21st Ammendment. Shit really reminds me of a Pumking, sans squash, as far as the spice profile. A shitload more of a brown ale, as well.
  12. Mr.CarWreck i am incredibly sad to hear that you dumped half the bottle. I love me a pumking... but i enjoy pumpkin pie in liquid form, complete with graham-flavored goodness, high ABV, and whip creams.
  13. just shaved and a haircut today, already had a months growth but had the barber tame it up quite a bit. I'ma let it go for the rest of the month. Will post results later.
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