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  1. Funny that this made the oontz. brown pants black jacket is my chem lab partner
  2. almighty, i love highlighter man and drunk, hoping to get there someday bored doodles
  3. long time no see, 12oz only sketch for a longgg time,
  4. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law FUCK THIS GUY /nh
  5. this guy is more tonedeaf than hellen keller, and has the rhythm of a jew.
  6. The Flowsmith


    yeah i figured it was pretty broad but i decided to give it a go. spending wise, i'll pay what i need to but the cheaper (still functional) the better..looking 300 tops? i really dig single speeds. im not looking for universal truths here, just some recommendations from people who know more about it than me.
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