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  1. ???....:rolleyes: you my friend are wrong in all aspects.
  2. i've heard it once to many times..." Do you know how many writers I know with that name?" my name is as common as yours... Rob...:lol:
  3. look at you keeping tabs on me :lol: well i barely see any graff on the lines that's worth mentioning, i could rock rooftops and put up 100% crap anyday... " stop snitching"...:rolleyes: with a name like that you'd sqwuak like a bird under pressure :lol: why wouldn't i be on 12oz? it's the place to be right?
  4. If i wrote a book on half the clowns in this city it would be a bestseller, I'm from this city and I respect real graff and REAL writers who know the true definition. I mainly can't stand the ego's now a days...to be honest i'm glad i don't write the game has turned into something else that ain't good.
  5. that's been buffed for weeks now...but at least someone is actually hitting stations. Post4 they know what they need to do you don't gotta remind them, if they were real writers. how you gonna tell these " larry's" the rules when your name is bitten? ain't that the first damn rule in the book? :lol: and don't gimme that " I hold my name down" shit, because you're always gonna be " Another" " Post" NOT " Thee" " Post"... also has beens/ never was?...listen squirt you barely prospecting in the game and you don't have enough shit rockin to talk shit. check your ego at the login...:lol: will the real 312 please stand up... sorry i get mad sometimes with ppl who think they're somebody.
  6. those " pseudo thug/tag bangers" you speak of are the ones who started tha shit homey... Rip solve
  7. hip hop checked out in the 90's...very few keep it live, no pun intended. :D
  8. I think what you meant to say was " I think rome nmu should drop that name before rome or og knock his teeth out at the meeting of styles...just a suggestion." :lol:
  9. Bump this...:shook: Magz ur an idiot....:lol:
  10. you obviously don't understand the rules to tha game...fine don't blame me when you get shitted on in the streets...i tried to warn ya. :rolleyes: i don't understand why it's so hard for toys to accept what they are and ask for guidance. the knowledge is waiting for ya'll. and for the older dudes that have been painting help these fools out...sheeeezus.
  11. Wrong... post on 12oz or it didn't happen... :lol: :lol:
  12. :lol: post don't let your ego get to you...laugh with the rest of the goofs. :lol: but in all honesty if you ain't hittin trains you ain't doing it right. walls ain't fun no mo'...
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