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  1. love you guys but you could you consider holding off on dropping that for another 10 years?
  2. condolences to his family and friends in this troubling time... would have loved to see what he would have done to my city if given the opportunity. RIP king
  3. such a good post way too many to name... this is how all people should take their photos
  4. or a person who wants some weed locked down before arriving, hit me a pm if you got that it would be much appreciated.
  5. yoyoyo will be visiting philly in a few weeks and were gonna need some weed, someone hit me a message if they got that. thanks Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  6. Rip lil dudes... my thoughts been with you guys
  7. I remember like it was yesterday you walking up to me with a big smile on your face introducing yourself. Didn't know you long but I could tell you were living this life and you were living it well. The way your graffiti had that raw honest to god aesthetic i knew you were in the right business and i respected it. When i met you, you seemed to be genuinely happy and radiated an energy that i admire in an active writer. My deepest respects to you and those close to you in this difficult time. hopefully heaven has cans without female caps for you... Rip big jays man you wont be forgotten. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. this post makes me happy. thank you dude ALTR CURVE ERUPTO SENTO LARGE
  9. so like yo doggg^^ pieces over throws doggg??? me an my boys gona run through that spot hecka quick
  10. I dont know if you catch my drift but im not from America and a homie of herts boys.... IM SAYING HOW I SEE YOUR FUCKED UP STATE plain and simple.... its clear to me that most of you have been brainwashed beyond your own comprehension... dont kid yourself that shit is not justified, never. Yah im not saying take it like a bitch, what i am saying is its time to wake up and question the social structures around us and do something... u can all sit there and think u have no power, but in reality the baby boom is peacing out and our generation to come is gonna run shit.... unfortunately for you americans, youre all fucked because even your writers seem to be robot american puppets and believe in this shit... an god forbid we had a discussion on a message board, the more shit posted the merrier mor e to look at, so fuck you.
  11. you retarded fuck it has NOTHING to do with whining.... what you are saying is you've accepted the awful legal system your shit excuse for a country has created... All over Europe repeat painting offenders (particularly crimes involving break and enter and a lot more destructive than hert) get punished with insane fines and the odd week or two in holding... WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS YOU ACCEPT THE BRAINWASHING OF YOUR COUNTRY into actually believing jailing non violent offenders is a reasonable means of punishment.... This shit is completely rediculous free hert, if mans was living anywhere outside of the US hed be working 3 jobs to pay back his debts, and justice would be served... and i know its all nice and hard to be like yo hes some thug bomber shit but really people??? its fucking paint on a wall if u really believe he deserves that you needa get your head checked... anyway my respects to hert and his friends supporting
  12. Free hert... my sincere respects and sympathy go out to him and those close to him during these tough times... ...............................................................................................................................>
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