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  1. First off, I cant believe I remembered my password and I dont know why Im here. Secondly, I have a whole host of flicks on my phone. I have no fucking clue how to upload em. Igor and fam, Toast, Zah, Che, RAK(?) and shit, plus an autorac E2E that says "I love boobies" which is just fantastic. Its kinda a decent amount of flicks. Im oontz upload illiterate....but randomly there some nasty throw game going round.
  2. Anthony Bourdain has outright brought it up in several episodes of No Res and Layover. Its incidental in tons of the episodes, but he's talked to a couple dif guys from south america and such, that I remember off the top of my head. Another reason why he is the motherfuckin' man.
  3. Came to Detroit, showed everyone who the real Big S. is. Heartbreaking. Everywhere Ive ever lived, theres been Nekst. Philly to the MidWest and down South. RIP. Condolences to the MSK DTS and D30 families. An enormous inspiration to the game. The real writers writer.
  4. ^shitmandamn. doing it for real. i bet the wind turbulence out in the middle by that truss was OUTRAGEOUS. sidenote: Thomas Pickles....nice u/n
  5. that house. fuckin eh. that documentary, great watch. this whole page... and la conf.....on deck in the Lux...
  6. *awkward cough* urban colloquialism ftw... sidenote: nice glassware.
  7. hope4 that no outline misery. and that P&W auto. dope thread.
  8. Re: Stay in nice apartments with view OR move into suburbia to have house/garage/back yard whatever you do, in getting to whatever decision you two come to, dont forget that youre arguing about moving in/somewhere with this person. as in, dont butt-heads too much cause youre about to continue living with this person and if in doing so you just piss each other off itll prob only result in one person paying the rent all alone. we've all seen that one blow up on a buddy. know when to hold em, know when to fold em, and learn to value some level of compromise. 2 cents.... edit: I grew up in philly where ppl were sardine stacked. now i live in a house in the subs in the midwest. 4 bdrm 2 full bath. attached garage, fenced in yard. normal neighborhood that is homicide free. i liked aspects of both but will always prefer the space and quiet of my house. 1000 a month for payment and util. at least if youre gonna rent, rent a house.
  9. bump paebak. which reminds me-bailout, impeach. solid names, well executed.
  10. Heist RIP Ichabod HBAK Dead Crack Head Cornbread-just for good measure.
  11. i wasnt aware this thread existed, but since it does and I randomly found it-benched outside of toledo by my brother just the other day....i dont have more to contribute, dont live there, these were sent to me. just my three cents....
  12. Sometimes my dog sleeps like this. (55lb German Shep/Blk and Tan Coonhound mix, rescued of course.) And she def understands the idea behind a pillow. This has become HER chair these days. Its amazing how tightly she curls up when she sleeps.
  13. ^damn thats a sexy slab of meat. all juicy n' shit....mmmm this is what i did today. deep fried ravioli and homemade Vodka sauce. for the sweet side, I made Buckeyes with my Momma's recipe. Warming up the oil and homemade Marinara I premake in 4qt batches ahead of time. Gettin their bath on. Vodka Sauce simmering. (Marinara post additives) Drying off. Topped with Romano and Parm, side of the Vodka Sauce And Buckeyes for dessert. SO DELICIOUS. Im no Chef, but I keep my family fed....more like the pauper chef than the pampered chef.
  14. alot of the rust belt and MW did, same as my city. at some point probably generally relative to why my grandfathers made the random relocation. but thats not the point....point being- women and fappin' it. moving on. bump lacey duvalle post tit job. audrey jaymes. good lawd. duely noted.
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