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  1. He was a lot funnier behind a keyboard. Anyone remember his blog? that shit was hilarious I wonder if it's still up *edit; blog was mentioned up top*
  2. "Checking in again. I just got out of prison after 26 months, and Mero just keeps getting more famous. Oontz." - Swamp back in June RIP
  3. Man, haven't watched a live cats game since I was 7
  4. I was waiting for him to drop his guts at the end of the firing video. Now that would have been fucking funny
  5. I source and sell branded vintage sunglasses to hipsters at a 200-300% mark up.
  6. Some weekend activities in no particular order. Sorry for the shitty quality once again.
  7. I live in a country where every toilet has one of these next to the shitter. I'm not sure why the rest of the world has not caught on yet. Blast butthole clean with water, wipe dry with toilet paper. If you had shit smeared on your face would you wash it with water or dry wipe that shit with tissue? Also wet wipes are a necessity. one pack for the house, one for the road. always
  8. As long as that fucking mikey guy from illegal civ has nothing to do with it it could be decent
  9. Takes a lot of guts to make a movie like this, even 20 years after Kids From the 2 minute trailer it looks like it could be pretty good
  10. In the end that's just me being a dick friend but that's just the way things have become where it's easier to smash that like button to let people know you're still there than to pick up a phone
  11. Word. I have childhood friends who I have literally seen every day of my life since I was 6 years old until I left my home country when I was 18 (I'm 28 now) who I am still "friends" with on social media but haven't had an actual conversation with in a good 6 years. Although I always thought it was great that social media gives us this platform that allows us to connect and keep us up to date with friends around the world, it occurred to me I have become completely disconnected from a good majority of my friends and family. A few photo posts here and there, some inside joke comments occasional
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