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  1. Ah that hbak rip elliott smith is great.
  2. Alive. Mostly haha. Trying to get motivated to go ride trains for awhile because Im bored and not doing anything particularly worth while. I also live right next to a signal where a ton of trains stop on the mainline. So I get to listen to them stop n go all day and night taunting me. I can hear one rolling by right now.
  3. Stinky train riding gentleman haha. I havent been on here in who knows how long... Been just about 2 years since Ive traveled on a train and this is the longest Ive lived in the same place in a decade but I just got a new pack and sleeping bag so ya know Ill probably have some pictures to post up shortly. THEY CALLIN ME...
  4. im gonna have to say shit like this is taking it to another level as far as rollers go. t those gomes jimjams are super tight.
  5. If you think hiphop and graffiti have any real connection. GET REAL BOZOS.
  6. yeah i kind of assume its packed with cameras since its so fucking big. im not planning on getting off there if i do go that way. i may just end up taking sunset as usual. again. for the 10000000000th time. i do love the stretch between el paso and tucson though. at night. whew. STARS.
  7. AHhhh... Took a couple of my amigos to the yard in north little rock to get them on a kc bound train tonight. i definitely wanted to be getting on one too. but i DID dumpster dive pizza hut on my bike ride home and scored big time. pizza soup for a week babes. im thinkin about taking the long way to cali next month instead of the lowline for the 100000th time. gonna try and nab that zmnoa and head for the bay. never been through north platte. should be a hellish adventure. haha
  8. had some stale dumpster pizza in the fridge. chopped it up and tossed it into my pot of ramen. OH YES.
  9. my god damn room mates alarm clock woke me up after 2 hours of sleep so now im pissed and trying to keep my mind off murdering him and his gf while they sleep off their drunk. couple o doodlies for ya.
  10. my art and graffiti rarely intersect. I was about to go on a rant about selling out but no one kares. everyone just wants a slice of the pie. buncha god damn assholes fuckin everything up for some greenbacks.
  11. Re: I just love this guy's music definitely a good one. saw it a couple years ago i think. good stuff good stuff. i never try to justify my shoplifting or graffiti. im being a dick and i know it. EVEN DYING COSTS YOU BABES... see you in hell!
  12. i wondered the same thing. when i moved in here they had a few in there because it was winter and cold as fuck so they let them hang out in a box with a heater while they grew up a little and it got warmer outside. this time i dont know. they were small but could have been outside the whole time. these were hyper shit beasts. they figured out how to get out of the box and went fucking wild in there. i didnt even go in there for at least a week. im not a clean freak by any means but that was straight up disgusting. im already starting to wonder if the super cheap rent is worth it haha.
  13. this is what most of the 90s looked like for me. always tons of clean boxes just waitin
  14. i GUARANTEE that bathroom has never been so clean as long as they have lived here.
  15. Just finished mopping up a chicken shit residue covered bathroom that my lazy slob ass roommates decided was clean enough for them. im sweaty and pissed off. but now i can shit and take a shower and not feel like im about to catch a god damn disease.
  16. Ive been in that conversation a bunch of times with people who "like graffiti". No they dont. Ive had friends who dont paint ask why dont i do something nice instead of a disgusting mop tag or a throwup. THAT IS NICE. Im not thinking oh this here piece is very artistic and quite lovely i must say! Im down with some folks but when it really comes down to it i paint solely for myself and dont even tell other writers i meet that i paint most of the time. People just need to fuck off. Most writers just need to fuck off too. I could ramble on but nah. blah blah blah If i saw someone wearing a hoodie that said vandal i wouldnt assume they were one. Id actually assume the exact opposite and heckle the fuck out of them.
  17. Canvases 67% off at michaels this week. Just throwin that out there dudes. One of the few art supplies i actually pay for haha.
  18. Ill prolly go to britt one day. or not. who knows? I live about 1 mile n or s of mainlines i hear trains all day i havent been on one in months uuughhhhh. i hear a sb RIGHT NOW. boohoo.
  19. Id bet the average person has a better idea of what graffiti is than what the renaissance was without mentioning any names or specific paintings that they have probably heard of but do not know they have anything to do with the renaissance. The average person probably doesnt know the capital of fucking montana. Its helena.
  20. oh theyre out there. that ad is silly. a friend of mine told me i should do that for suit and tie guys and charge them like a grand. people would do it. but thats not my style.
  21. This is the most legit answer possible. If you can get your foot in the door go for it...but wandering around asking people for work aint the best way.
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