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  1. RAWoNe

    uk steel

    Damn man some dope shit there. I don't think many US heads realise how locked down yards and layups are in the UK. Some of the fences remind me of medieval torture devices. American dudes picture wooden picket fences but 10ft high, metal, and razor sharp spikes on top. Mental. Benched some sick freights in Bristol some heads wreck steel there. Big ups
  2. RAWoNe


    Benched an ICH autorack in Calgary, AB today. Couldn't get flicks unfortunately but good to see dude rolling this far out west in another country!
  3. Some fire up in here. Metew. Trash. That Bones! Good to see Jiz back smashin shit! Damn I miss CT!!!
  4. Bog ups, some of those E2E's fucking ILL
  5. some SERIOUS fire in here.
  6. Reo and Rels, still throwing down pure fire. MAN I miss CT!
  7. Wholecar laid up on the bridge in Erie. dope flick and piece!
  8. How old are those Revoks on the first page? Would've loved to clock some MSK in London innit!
  9. heard about that drone to fight graf, hadn't see the flicks. Fuck em, reckon German writers will still outsmart the DB. On a lighter note, damn those Phesta and Rounds flicks are straight fire.
  10. awesome thread, "smart phones dumb people" is the one
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